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Veggie/vegans to educate climate marchers in Brum

Midlands Vegan Campaigns | 23.08.2007 01:33 | Animal Liberation | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Birmingham

This coming Bank Holiday Monday, Midlands Vegan Campaigns seek to educate thousands of climate campaigners in Birmingham. Our message is simple - THERE`S NO SUCH THING AS A MEAT/DAIRY EATING ENVIRONMENTALIST !!!

Download this event poster / leaflet at bottom of page
Download this event poster / leaflet at bottom of page

Press Release - 22/8/07


On Bank Holiday Monday(27th August), between 5,000 and 8,000 environmentalists are expected to march from Birmingham City Centre to a rally and concert at Millennium Point. The event marks the launch of Midlands Vegan Campaigns(MVC) who will join the march to highlight the massive impact of meat/dairy production on the planet.

Organised by Christian Aid (CA), the `Cut the Carbon` march and rally aims to raise awareness of the fact that "climate change is not just a forecast, it is happening now and millions of poor people are suffering." The Birmingham event is the latest stage of CA`s 1,000 mile march from Northern Ireland to London. CA are calling on the government to commit to cutting the UK’s emissions by at least 80% by 2050.

Steve Williams of MVC said, "This event represents a fantastic opportunity for us to launch our group, whilst informing masses of environmentally conscious people of the devastation caused by meat & dairy production. We`ll be joining the march and rally with banners/placards etc and we intend to distribute 1,000`s of leaflets, urging other marchers and the general public to change their diet for the sake of the planet, people, wildlife etc."

"MVC totally agree that the government should commit to cutting carbon emissions, but the fact is that one of the biggest solutions to climate change lies in our own hands, or on our plates, and it`s currently being overlooked. There is an ever increasing amount of evidence from a wide variety of organisations, which suggests that the adoption of a plant based diet is the most effective action that any individual can take to reduce their personal impact on our fragile planet."

"The United Nations released a report titled `Livestocks Long Shadow` last November. In this report, they state that the livestock sector accounts for 18% of global greenhouse gas emmissions, more than all the worlds transport combined, which only emits 13.5%. The report goes on to say that livestock production is at the heart of almost every other environmental catastrophe confronting the planet - rainforest destruction, spreading deserts, loss of fresh water, air and water pollution, acid rain and soil erosion."

"All of this compelling evidence goes to prove that there`s no such thing as a meat/dairy eating environmentalist!!"

"The most enlightened environmentalists have long since woken up to this issue. All the kitchens at last weeks climate camp were vegan and there were workshops on vegan campaigning. Sadly, many of the mainstream environmental campaign groups have yet to recognise the fact that our diet is critical to the survival of the planet."

"Our aim on Bank Holiday Monday is simple - to ensure that thousands of "environmentalists" leave the event far more aware of the environmental destruction caused by their consumption of meat/dairy products."

"MVC would like to invite veggies/vegans from across Birmingham to march with us at this event. We will be meeting outside St Martin`s Church at 11am. For further details, please see the MVC website or call 01527 458395."

"MVC has been formed to raise awareness of the many benefits of veganism - it`s the most compassionate, healthy and ethical way to live. The primary way we`ll get our message across, is by staging Free Vegan Food Fairs, the first of which will take place in Kings Heath in November."


Notes To Editors

1. Steve Williams of MVC can be contacted on 07963 606194, both before the day and on the day itself. For further details of MVC, see

2. Details of the `Cut the Carbon` campaign, can be found on the CA website

3. The UN report `Livestock`s Long Shadow` can be found here


DOWNLOAD LEAFLET AND POSTER - Please copy and distribute.

A4 Poster

A5 Leaflet (2 on a page)

Meet outside St Martin`s Church, near the Bullring Shopping Centre at 11am. See map Leaflets and some placards provided, but please make/paint/bring your own banner or placard if possible. Maybe even make some costumes/props, please use your imagination!! :)

If you would like to receive regular updates from MVC and discuss veggie/vegan campaigning with others across the Midlands, please join our email list. Email with "subscribe" in the subject line.

We look forward to seeing you in Birmingham!


Midlands Vegan Campaigns
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