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Shit they are back !! AntiCapitalistAction meeting-

scaredy cat | 20.10.2003 13:34 | Cambridge

Tuesday, October 21 - Chetwind room, King's college- ACA meeting and Argentina in Revolt video screening.

Ello everyone...
We's got hold of a room (CHETWYND, KINGS), we's got hold of a decent film (ARGENTINA IN REVOLT, INDYMEDIA), we's gonna get hold of some DECENT FOOD...
...and we's hopin that lots of people turn up so that we can make plans for INTERESTING AND FUN STUFF later in the term. Whether you're a true vet or a new blue come along and see what we can make of it all...

So that's 7PM, Tuesday, CHETWYND ROOM, KINGS COLLEGE for the first ACA SOCIAL & MEETIN of the term...

lotsa love & rage

scaredy cat


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  1. which town, sherlock ? London, i presume, dear watson ... — prof moriarty
  2. Clarification — Z
  3. Cambridge !!!! — scaredy cat