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Drop Bush Not Bombs

01.12.2003 14:34 | Globalisation

Taking direct action to end the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Sharing free vegetarian food inprotest to war and poverty.

Keith McHenry is visiting Edinburgh and will talk about the movement he helped start 23 years ago. On Wednesday 10th of December, 8pm at the Forest, he will describe Food not Bombs’ history, his experiences as an American political prisoner and the global Food Not Bombs movement. He will show a video about Food not Bombs. Keith will also discuss the movement’s future and plans for A Food not Bombs World Gethering to be held the week before the Republican National Convention in New York City.

Award winning Australian filmmaker Elizabeth Tadic, is making a video documentary of the worldwide Food Not Bombs peace movement. Its 2005 release will coincide with the 25th anniversary of Food not Bombs. Provisionally titled “Bombs & Broccoli”, the film will be the first to show the magnitude and quiet influence of this global social movement, virtually ignored by the mainstream media for the past quarter century.

[Food Not Bombs | Drop Bush Not Bombs Europe Tour ]

Food Not Bombs Logo
Food Not Bombs Logo

"Drop Bush Not Bombs" poster
"Drop Bush Not Bombs" poster

"Food Not Bombs is one of the fastest growing revolutionary movements active today and is gaining momentum. There are hundreds of autonomous chapters sharing free vegetarian food with hungry people and protesting war and poverty throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. Food Not Bombs is organizing for an end to the occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. We also support actions against the globalization of the economy, restrictions to the movements of people and the destruction of the earth.

The first group was formed in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1980 by anti-nuclear activists. Food Not Bombs is an all volunteer organization dedicated to nonviolence. Food Not Bombs has no formal leaders and strives to include everyone in its decision making process. Each group recovers food that would otherwise be thrown out and makes fresh hot vegetarian meals that are served in city parks to anyone without restriction. The groups also serve free vegetarian meals at protests and other events. The San Francisco Chapter has been arrested over 1,000 times in an effort to silence its protest against the Mayor's anti- homeless policies. Amnesty International states it may adopt those Food Not Bombs volunteers that are imprisoned as "Prisoners of Conscience" and will work for their unconditional release.

Food Not Bombs works in coalition with groups like Earth First!, The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, Anarchist Black Cross, the IWW, Homes Not Jails, Anti Racist Action, In Defense of Animals, the Free Radio Movement and other organizations on the cutting edge of positive social change and resistance to the new global austerity program. One collective publishes a movement wide newsletter called A Food Not Bombs Menu. There is also a German language Menu. Food Not Bombs Publishing in Takoma Park, Maryland publishes books like On Conflict and Consensus which has been an important guide for group democracy. We hope you will join us in taking direct action towards creating a world free from domination, coercion and violence."
Reports along the way: [Imc Italy | ]


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