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On news reports

i've just got back home and watched the "news" report on itv, and i cannot believe that they and i were existing in the same universe today.

i arrived at parliament square at eleven, generallly chilled and enjoyed the atmosphere then followed the samba band up to trafalgar.

although i can't say i was particularly saddened by the sight of a macdonalds being trashed, that was still a minor part of the whole day despite what the (predictably) skewed reporting has shown.

up in trafalgar square, i had a good view of the "running battles" that were being fought, and even the police and random tourists seemed particularly unconcerned by them.

the atmosphere was charged, but not violent - the pictures i've just seen on tv would make you believe it was a war zone down there.

we all know what makes good copy, but the extent of sensationalist reporting should make the itv "journalists" ashamed.

keep telling it like it is, indymedia.

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