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Monday, 3.20pm


Public Access Terminal - Parliament Square, London

Joe, 6 years-old

Because my mummy brings plants and she wants to go with her friends. 

I like it here.

Caleb, 7

Because my mum didn't want to come, because she was doing an essay - but I made her. I want to come cause I wanted to see all the police.

Report in Italian

oggi 1 maggio 2000 la Resistenza si manifesta di fronte al parlamento britannico, in Parliament Square. Una grande parte delle popolazione si e' riversata, e ancora continua ad arrivare, in questo piccolo quadrato d'erba (regolarmente riarrangiato di modo che lo spazio si presenti sempre fresco e "naturale" agli occhi del mondo turistico) per riaffermare l'esistenza di una vita che non si piega di fronte allo sfruttamento. Sono presenti diversi gruppi i quali offrono omaggio alla liberta'di pensiero, alla liberta' d'azione. Piccoli giardini vengono creati all'interno dello spazio erboso occupato per l'occasione. Ogni espressione differisce dalle altre. La comunanza e' data dallo spirito festivo e allo stesso tempo di impegno sociale, il carnevale, la celebrazione della Festa del Lavoro in una atmosfera ricca di entusiasmo.

Adrenal, 24

presently planting seeds for change, here in london. This is not isolated. This is just the beginning. Revelling. Acting.

I have to say that I find the gratuitous defacement of Parliament square to be a trifle disapointing. I am not normally one to give my support to meaningless asceticism, however, it must be apparent what a mess this particular demonstation is making . The square has been reduced to a bog full of pot holes and half dead plants, created (on the whole, it would seem) by gardening incompetents. I have to say I would not allow such people to control my environment. If this movement is to have any realistic effect or influence, it has to start putting ideas into action in a serious manner. These purely symbolic acts are ineffective and perceived by people in power as being pathetic ... real policies are needed, not "art" or bollocks.

the symbolic acts may bhe seen as ineffective by he people in power but they are importnt for the people involved, to make them feel part of something, and serve as useful symbols for people who were not there be may be interested in what the point of the whole thing is...

I am a 57 yr old women and I regard myself as a decent person inn all ways. I am a devout roman catholic and I would do nothing to harm my fellow man. I wish to say that of all the people I know who are here today, none are terrorists, nor do they have anything but the welfare of the human race and the earth in their hearts and minds. There are appalled at what is happening to millions of workers and unemployed under capitalism and also the distriction of the earth which is our real wealth for profit and capitalism. They feel quite correctly that conventional politicians cannot or will not get out of the evil clutches of capitalism.

A load of people just went up to whitehall and Mcdonalds has been smashed up (a report from second-hand info).

It makes a change having a source where you can report something without it being distorted by the media. However I have only just arrived so I have nothing to report yet.

I am having a great time here and think that it is a good idea. However it would be great if the action of planting all these plants would be more permanent. As soon as the demonstration is over all these plants will be ripped out, the grass on the street will me thrown away. It would be great if instead for the next demonstration the plants could be planted somewhere where they will not be ripped out again.

I have been having a great time all over Parliament square, planting trees, plants, and putting the sods back on the road.

Love, peace and Happiness

To all our Australian comrades: Ive been planting eucalyptus seeds here in Parliament square, all the way from Goolengook old growth forest. Wanted to colonise the square...

Just heard that there's some stuff kicking off up the top of whitehall, fires.


It's nice to be here today and I feel safe despite the messages of potential violence coming from the media. I just regret that for something with such mainstream relevance and appeal it has been hard to get positive media coverage on what the whole thing is really about. Although today this is happening in Parliament Sq. lets hope more people will see the potential that derelict land in their area has.

Brom & Claire

The Independent Media Centre is an excellent idea, given the terrible, purposefully inaccurate reports from the mainstream media. Good weather and good activity. Many tourists mixed in with the crowds, and the atmosphere is brilliant.

Remember: No masters, no gods

Peace & Out


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