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Received Monday, 6.54pm; Mayday London report 3pm May 1st 2000

Abolish capitalism before it kills the planet declares the banner hung up by activists in parliment square. The entire green outside the House of parliment in London is being dug up by guerilla gardeners under the disbelieving eyes of the Metropolitan police. Huge tracts of turf are being rolled up like a carpet. The turf is being placed on the roads and trees, flowers, and vegetable seeds are being planted. Thousands of people have blocked off the entire square holding colourful banners that declare 'Resistance is fertile', 'Let London Sprout' and 'Reclaim the Streets'.

Despite the carnival fluffy atmosphere police leaders are still intent on spreading rumours through the mainstream media that violence will occur. All morning BBC radio reports ignored the peaceful gardening action and instead concentrated either on the traffic disruptions or the police saying that violence will occur. At 2.40pm a red flare went off and a few thousand people headed towards Downing square. Riot police have come onto the street.

A McDonalds burger joint on the Strand has been entirely trashed by outraged anti-capitalists. With only 6 police to defend the unpopular junk food outlet they were out numbered by the activsts which took it over as the police retreated. One activist said "poverty is violence" as the door frames were being ripped off and fire bells were set off. An undercurrents reporter on the scene said- "There will be a gutted out shell by the end of this. The whole crowd are loving it and the yellow Mc Donalds sign was ripped off. Police have not intervened at all"

American police officers from Chicago have been spotted and video taped mingling with the Met police. This could possibly be police training in prepartion for the up and coming various mass protests in the USA this year.

Video clips of actions will be on the Undercurrents site all day.

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