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Received - 5.05pm

3.30pm - The Strand - A massive Union march is split by the Police half left in the strand and half making it to Trafalgar Square.

3.50pm - Parliment Square - Police cordon off all access to the square, closing in around 3,000 peaceful guerrilla gardeners enjoying this chance to show some positive alternative in the centre of this over capitalised city. They have managed over the day to dance and dig and enjoy a May Day of the Red Green and Black

Black Flags are raised as part of the action for people to gather round and join in a non-heirarchical group decision as to what the crowd should do now. 

4.00pm - Trafalgar square is cordoned off on all sides to the south with a massive police presence, closing in bewildered tourists along side the May Day crowds. 

4.20pm - Parliment Square 
Decision has been made to leave the square and the crowd is heading toward Millbank. 

4.30pm - Parliment Square
The police continue to block off the Square - not allowing the crowd to move peacefully out of the square. Four people are being out at  a time with the police photographing them as they leave.

4.50pm - The crowd from Parliment Square are let out on mass along Millbank - on the way to party and chill-out.

5.00pm - Trafalgar square - people are trying to leave but the police will again not let them leave - applying snatch squads - targetting individuals and detaining them.

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