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5.05pm, Monday

Leaving Parliament Square

After half a day of Guerrilla Gardening at Parliament Square, the crowd has left the place at around 5pm. Several attempts of leaving the Square and moving on to another location had been stopped by the police, apparently trying to keep the crowd in an area they can control. Members of Reclaim The Streets repeatedly tried to negotiate with the police in order to let people leave the place, but police did not respond to these attempts.

As there was no chance to come to a mutually beneficial solution, the crowd decided to break through police lines and move off towards the South. At present, the Guerrilla Gardeners are moving across Vauxhall Bridge towards Kennington Park, where a final gathering is planned to close a day of Mayday celebrations. While the crowd is leaving the Square, small groups of people sitting or walking around in the surrounding area are forcibly dispersed by police in full riot gear.

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