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Turkey, Mayday 2000 - first report from the 01 May 2000 demo

 Date Mon, 1 May 2000 15:04:08 -0400

 Ankara Mayday demo is about to finish, the most of the crowd started to left
the Sıhhıye Square where the demo was organized. The demonstrators included
socialist parties/groups, trade unions, NGOs, and anarchists. The crowd was
not so cheerful compared to previous years, perhaps it was more or less
about ten thousand (just ). According to latest news from Istanbul there
were not much event -fight with the police etc.-, 7 demonstators were taken
by the police in Taksim Square.

Ankara anarchists joined the demo with their own banners and flags. We had
three banners-two with circled A's one in black, red and the other black,
purple, red colors. There was also another banner - "Global Kapitalizme
Karşı Toplumsal Devrim" ("Social Revolution Against Global Capitalism"). Our
slogans were mostly about anti-militarism, anarchism,
anti-capitalism(globalism) and some about anti-nuclear. Our group was quite
cheerful and crowded; it may become very popular in the media -as it
happened before- although this is not a thing we desire; we've also had some
slogans against "the media". A variety of anarchists were in the
demo-including high school students, university students, workers,
unemployed people, punks etc. A dozen of anti-militarists carrying their own
banner as Ankara War Resisters has also walked with us. According to
impressions of some friends from socialist groups our staff was the most
"attractive" among all. Our "average" number was about 150-during the demo
it happened to be more than that... While i was leaving to find an internet
cafe, the demo was about to finish and half of the crowd has disappeared.

Global REBEL against global capitalist demolition!
Anarchy in Everywhere!


From:  http://www.ainfos.ca

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