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This is a message from Barcelona...

Mayday in Barcelona have included again anti-capitalist protests, apart from the trade unions gatherings and marches. In contrast with the two previous years, this time the anti-capitalist campaign was mainly focused on Telefonica, the "Spanish giant" of telecommunications. This transnational company has grown on the basis of a privatised public company and government subsidies, of precarious conditions for an increasing number of its workers (they have their own temporary employment companies, e.g. airtel and estratel), of the brutal exploitation in their expansion across the Latinamerican markets (i.e. neocolonialism), of the defficiencies of the services they provide almost in a monopoly position, of the speculation in the stoke-markets, etc.

Thus Telefonica was selected by anti-capitalist activists as a target for mayday protests. It was a way also of enlarging alliances with other social groups that had not participated in the demo of anti-capitalist resistance previously. During several weeks leafleating and posters distribution was carried out, and a few days before mayday autonomous direct actions against Telefonica offices were done in order to announce the demo and to raise awareness on the dictatorship of transnational companies. After an occupation of a office last friday, an activist was arrested by police in Sants neighbourhood and released the day after charged with damages against property.

On mayday, the anti-capitalist demo started in the evening in front of theTelefonica headquarters in Barcelona, in PlaŤa Catalunya, the city centre. From there 1,500 people marched along the financial district (Paseo de Gracia) doinggraffittis and painting banks, luxury shops and hotels with slogans against capital, sexism, racism, ecological destruction, etc. and for social international unity and diversity. In front of the Deutsche Bank an European Union flag was burnt. There was tension in the air, but anti-riot police did not turn up, and the demo ended in Gracia neighbourhood where a dragon with Telefonica simbols was burnt after a performance.

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