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It was wet,  it was contentious, it was peaceful
It WAS Critical Mass
Mayday weekend has already been reclaimed by immense action
Taking the West End by storm -
The show of the night was an unchoreographed ballet of bicycle, board and skate
Displaying the sublime skills of the unmotorised class
Within the confines of space designed for limited 4wheel use
The bi-performers outshone any expensive/overated show
Demonstrating complexities beyond the grasp of critics
Media was at once both mystified and intrigued
But the day belonged to the cast
So many individual performances
None could be regarded as any less than others
To highlight one must surely highlight the many
Truly this was an event that stopped the West End in it's tracks
If only every future West End production could be like this one
I am left with the anthem of the night ringing in my ears:-
"Clean air for London" - surely a song that will run and run.

late night ramblings after a great action
- no credit

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