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We spent the day gathering cyclists to come on runs with us out of Parliament Square. We'd set off up into the West End, being cheered by shoppers and people sitting outside cafes as we went. Periodically we would halt at a junction and wait until the police, sometimes as many as a dozen on motorbikes, came roaring up to sort us out. We never gave them the chance, we got back on the bikes and continued our ride. We would return to Parliament Square and pick up more riders before setting off again. The support from the public along the routes we took was great.

On the last occasion we got back to Parliament Square we could see the riot police were moving into position to seal off the Square. About a hundred of us, knowing what would be in store if we were trapped in the Square, rode up Whitehall and found that every exit had already been blocked. The police had sealed people into Trafalgar Square already. They had only not sealed one exit, a small sidestreet with steps at the end leading down to the park. we all shot down there. We then decide to ride around to the back of the police lines on Victoria embankment to say hallo to the police who'd tried to block us in.

By this time the police were reinforcing their positions and sent vans out to block us. As a group we rode over Vauxhall Bridge to allow us to regroup and decide what best to do. veterans of rallies such as this knew that trouble on a large scale was now inevitable. When you dress 5000 men up all the same, give them sticks and shields and horses, you just know they are going to riot. That's why they are called the riot police....because they riot.

Big respect to all the families who attended on the day, absolutely no respect to the mainstream media who willfully mis-reported the chain of events leading to a lovely family day out being trashed by the police.

CLEAN AIR FOR LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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