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Mayday support actions in Dijon, France Brief report of an anticapitalist demonstration on April 28th.

Date Mon, 8 May 2000 02:55:04 -0400

From: @-collectif Maloka 
 Following the call for an other global day of action against capitalism
 on Mayday, some radical left activists organized an anticapitalist
 demonstration in the center of Dijon, France, on April 28th. The
 following collectives called people to join the demonstration : Maloka
 (anarchist collective), Collectif pour des villes sans voitures
 (RTS-like anti-car group), Les Tanneries (huge squatted counter-cultural
 center), Groupe Libertaire (anarchist federation), CNT (International
 Workers Association), Groupe Feministe non-mixte (radical feminist
 group), Acer Sativa (alternative music and politics), Anarchist Black
 Cross, as well as a large number of individuals involved in squatting,
 anarchism, anticapitalist campaigning. At 3 pm, about 300 persons
 gathered for a colorful protest march against globalisation and its
 effects, to promote civil disobedience and partying against capitalism
 and domination. A lot of people were costumed and turned the streets
 into a nice carnival. Some actions were carried during the
 demonstration : some feminists renamed streets with women characters to
 highlight the non-representation and non-promotion of women, glued some
 posters around the city, and subvertized advertisement boards. During
 the whole demonstration, walls were decorated with anticapitalist,
 anti-car and feminist posters, and some slogans were spray-painted. A
 stock-exchange was covered with large stickers and anticapitalist
 messages, as well as a working agency. The anti-car collective drew some
 DIY bike lanes on the ground, facing the decision of the city not to
 take cyclists into account. Squatters stopped in front of a recently
 evicted squatted house, which used to be the home of 10  people, as well
 as an alternative library and tea-room. Some demonstrators were giving
 away free vegan food, and distributed flyers about genetically modified
 food and the danger it represents. The demonstration continued by an
 occupation of the train-station, to protest against the eviction of
 foreigners from France and the racist laws that allow such evictions.
 After approx. 20 minutes of occupation, the demonstration moved back to
 the streets. A demonstrator then was caught by the cops, who wanted to
 arrest someone because of the agitation, but everybody in the demo
 reacted and ran in direction of the cops who immediately released the
 demonstrator and threw CS-gas to calm down the demo. "Police is
 everywhere, justice is nowhere". The demo then moved to a big plazza of
the city center, where it blocked the traffic, with banners and a
 sound-system. A street-party began, with music, street theatre, fruit
 juice and graffiti performances. An activist climbed up to a spy camera,
 and hanged a banner to it, denouncing social control and video
 surveillance. Fake blood and bank notes, symbolising the suffering of
 the victims of capitalism, was spread on the ground. The aims of the
 demonstration were to gather some people to promote active resistance to
 corporate rule and global capitalism, using civil disobedience, creative
 counter-culture and
 partying as political means, and to participate in the global day of
 action (even if the demo was organised 2 days before Mayday) to stress
 the fact that an international movement against capitalism is growing.
 The demonstration was followed by a non profit gig with alternative
 music bands at the "Tanneries", a huge squat in Dijon.


From:  http://www.ainfos.ca

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