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Massive confrontations in Germany

The Mayday weekend saw large-scale confrontations between demonstrators and police erupting in a number of German cities. Whereas traditionally the "Revolutionary May 1st Demo" in Berlin had been the only point of major conflicts on Mayday, this time confrontational demonstrations also ocurred in Hamburg and other cities.

Mayday celebrations in Hamburg started on April 30th with a Reclaim The Streets party with around a 1000 participants. In the evening tensions between demonstrating people and the police built up in the left-wing neighbourhood "Schanzenviertel", resulting in heavy streetfighting. Barricades were built up, and the police used gas and heavy armoured vehicles to confront the crowd. Later that night, the police managed to enter the biggest social centre "Rote Flora" and arrest around a 100 people there - for the first time since the "Flora" had been squatted 11 years ago!

In Berlin, the big Mayday demo (around 10,000 participants) was running for two hours, before fighting between demonstrators and the police escalated and spread over large parts of the city centre. Police had forbidden some of the left-wing demonstrations beforehand and were keen to act "tough" and to attack all larger crowds.

Mayday also saw a number of fascist marches in German cities, the biggest in Berlin with 1000 participants.

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