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he said he will be running this story today onMedia Newscan you check if this link is up, and link?? put between 'On leaving psq' and 'Observations on today'

BRITAIN: Media "Arrested" In London´s Trafalgar Square

Mediachannel staff were effectively held by riot police for over three hours as they covered media reporting of the anti-capitalist demonstrations on May Day. After showing press accreditation to enter the famous square in the heart of London, Bruce Whitehead was allowed through a cordon of heavily armed riot police by a senior officer. The officer then disappeared as Whitehead, accompanied by photographer Kate North, monitored mainstream media coverage of the event. Despite skirmishes involving water bombs and occasional bottles thrown at police, there was little serious trouble. BBC and ITV camera crews, along with stills photographers from print media, watched the scuffles from a parapet, before being forcibly removed in a heavy handed police operation. When Whitehead and North attempted to leave, Whitehead was violently thrown back by a helmeted policeman carrying a shield, tear gas canisters and handcuffs. Despite showing his National Union of Journalists press card, Whitehead was denied permission to leave and was held with about three thousand people in Trafalgar Square for three hours. bruwhitehe@aol.com

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