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Monday 1.40pm

Guerrilla gardening outside the gates of the House of Commons

Crowds are continuing to relax in the spacious grassed interior of Parliament Square where hundreds have been guerrilla gardening outside the gates of the House of Commons. Hundreds of vegetables, shrubs and flowering plants have been planted and the space transformed into what looks like a community garden.

At the same time, rolls of turf have been transplanted to the tarmaced roads nearby. The earth exposed underneath the grass is being fertilised and yet more rows of food-yielding crops planted.

The initial tense atmosphere began to evaoprate when a procession of costumed guerrilla gardeners entered the square to the sounds of a samba band. Unicorns rubbed horns with dairy cows as children began planting their seeds with trowls. With Big Ben reading 1.30 and the sun shining people can hardly believe the transformation occuring here.

Lisa, from Sardinia, who was enjoying the unusual sunshine described the atmosphere as: "positive, creative and full of good energy".

Within the last few minutes a giant green maypole with coloured ribbons steaming in the wind has been erected and people have really begun to celebrate May Day.

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