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Just a note on events on Mayday:

Unfortunately and entirely unwittingly, our samba band here at UEL was (by all accounts) responsible for the crowd surge which in turn led to the trashing of MacDonald's and defacing of the Cenotaph. After a picnic in Parliament Square (and getting a little bit bored) we decided to take a stroll up Whitehall. Just past Downing Street, we were surprised to find 4,000 people had been following us. By the time we turned back, still playing, it was too late.... Passing the Cenotaph on the return journey and seeing the graffiti, the band members (to my astonishment) felt prompted to observe a one- minutes' silence. This ritual observance was one hundred per cent among everyone and lasted the full 60 seconds: then the drums resumed. The media rats were too busy revelling in the smashed glass up the road at MacDonald's to even notice.

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