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Sheffield's Mayday was a Great Success

Greetings to all Mayday groups everywhere. Sheffield's Mayday was on Saturday 29th April and was summed up by one participant as a "Perfect Day". Estimates of numbers range from 800 to 1500 people.

In the morning 3 actions took place against GM Food, NatWest Bankfor funding HLS animal torturers and an action for free public transport/ and against the public transport company Stagecoach for using profits to campaign for homophobic laws.

Around 1pm a very colourful critical mass took place with soundsystems in bikes and doing a few laps on Sheffield's busiest Roundabouts.

In the afternoon was the carnival which began with some excellent drumming outside the city hall. The war memorial flagpost was temporarily turned into a very colorful Maypole and a traditional may dance was had around the pole.

Then the carnival took to the streets ending up on one of the busiest intersections. This was held for around 15 minutes before it was decided to head for the pre-arranged chill out space on Devonshire Green. A loud soundsystem was unleashed here and people danced till dark. Then there were two after parties, one in the adjacent squatted community centre "Wiser Monkeys" and one out in the Peak district.

There were no arrests and no police/protester clashes of any significance. This was probably in part due to the fact the protest was advertised as a non-violent event but also in part due to the slightly more intelligent policing than other areas seem to get.

The police were given a card at the end made out of an old piece of cardboard. Whilst slightly taking the piss it was wholly so.

There are lots of interesting stories to tell. More reports andphotos should appear on our web site www.sheffieldmayday.ukf.net over the next week.

HiThere are some snaps up here:
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