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Thousands of Londoners go to Prague

Well, not yet, but it seems to be a possible scenario after a workshop held at the Mayday conference on Saturday afternoon.

The protests against the IMF/World Bank meeting in Washington in April are still fresh in our memory, and already these global institutions are planning their next gathering. They will meet in Prague from September 26th to 28th, and concerned groups based in the Czech Republic have announced to make sure that they won't be welcomed with open arms. The organisation of protests is in full swing (and, by the way, there are people interested in setting up an Independent Media Centre over there as well).
60 people gathered at the meeting on Saturday, and their response was beyond everyone's expectations. An organiser of the workshop told Indymedia UK, "as this was a last-minute workshop, we expected 10 people or so to turn up. Instead, there were amazing numbers of interested people. Everyone was keen on getting involved, and most people said they would like to go to Prague in September."

For more information on the upcoming IMF/World Bank protests watch this space.

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