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"Terrorists" line up for photo call

More than 300 people gathered this Sunday afternoon for a "Class of 2000" group photograph in an act of good-humoured defiance at the forthcoming Anti-terrorist bill. They purposely arrived dressed-up in the clothes that make the stereotypes of what "direct action" activists should look like, and in a party atmosphere endured the good two hours it took for the set up to be finished.

The "models" ranged from a baby of a couple of months to a venerable lady, who would not give her age, we did not insist, but just say: "I’m old enough to be your great- grand mother, dear". They claim that the powers the new bill will give to the police, converts Britain in a de facto police state. The new offences include: supporting foreign organisations defined as terrorist by the host state (e. g. South African ANC some years ago), advocating a course of action that may risk anyone’s (including one’s) health and safety, speaking at a public meeting supporting such positions, and the catch-all of being suspect by the police of being connected to a terrorist organisation. According to one of the participants, "this proposed new law puts Britain in tune with other European countries, like Italy, in an attempt to homogenise EU definitions and responses to perceived political threats". He also said, "this bill is a direct attack on political dissent".

Today events are part of an ongoing campaign to overturn the Anti-terror bill, joined by groups like Greenpeace and GenetiX Snowball. To find out more about the bill and those opposing it, check:

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