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Canada, Mayday in Victoria

Date Sun, 7 May 2000 03:09:13 -0400

This year marked the first MayDay march in Victoria in many years.
Approximately 100 Socialists, Anarchists, Trade Unionists, and Wobblies
gathered in Centennial square where the Victoria Labour council, the Western
Canada Wilderness committee, and the Victoria IWW spoke. The theme of of
March was the call for a six hour work day (with no reduction in pay). This
theme was actually fairly well received by media, both local and national.
We felt pretty good to be in the position to be articulating for something,
as many similar events in Victoria are reactions to something. We set out on
a march, making stops at points of interest (ie. Ministry of Forests,
Chamber of Commerce) to discuss their historical and political significance.
At one point in the march it looked like the police were going to arrest a
marcher for writing "6 Hour Day! " in chalk on the side of a brick wall, but
as they had no cars  within eyesight  (only two mounted and two motorcycle
cops), only the chalk got nicked. One of the highlights of the March was a
banner hanging off the Marquee of a Cineplex Odeon theatre highlighting
their union busting, scab hiring practices during the BC Projectionists'
struggle. The hangers apparently did their business and were on their way
just as the marchers came around the corner to the sound of Queen's "We Will
Rock You." It was good to see that there are those who don't forget. The
march wound up where it started. The next day our banner  " Capitalism can
not be reformed" along side the Victoria Labour Council's made the front
page of the Times Colonist, with a great by-line -" Meanwhile, the
capitalists fared well with stock markets rising in North America".

Victoria IWW


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