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ANL/NF in Birmingham

West Midlands AFA | 09.08.2001 20:21 | Birmingham

West Midlands Anti-Fascist Action statement

(West Midlands Anti-Fascist Action statement - 2nd August 2001)

"Now that the National Front/Anti Nazi League (ANL) pantomime set to take place in Birmingham has been cancelled, the prospect of the troubles recently seen in the North being repeated in the Midlands has diminished, at least for now.

However, the reality is that even if the march had not been banned, the NF would probably have done nothing more than retire to a local hostelry and wait for someone to light the blue touch paper. Regardless of whether there were fireworks or not the only victors in this charade would have been the NF. Thirty odd fascists marching through Stechford would be a laughing stock, but unfortunately they don't even need to march to have their mere existence blown out of all proportions by the ANL and the media.

Anti Fascist Action (AFA) believe the NF should be physically challenged in areas where they are making gains. Ironically these are places where the ANL are fanning the flames of discontent and doing the fascists work for them.

Meanwhile the BNP, by far the largest fascist group, continue to advance in leaps and bounds through the ballot box. Where are the ANL with a political alternative? Their silence is deafening, due to the fact that ultimately they have nothing to offer the working class regardless of race.

West Midlands AFA
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