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Terrorists funded by Birmingham based charity worker

A Qaum | 15.01.2002 22:47 | Birmingham

A Birmingham based charity worker is currently being investigated by the Charity commission for diverting public funds to terrorist networks. Is currently involved in securing over £600,000 from running pilgrimage business to Saudi Arabia.

For the attention of:

Mr. Riad Mubarki - Saudi Arabian Consular Office

Please note that certain organizations based in Birmingham are under investigation by UK authorities of providing funds to terrorist agencies. Last week Sunday Times did an article highlighting that over £2million has been contributed to terrorism and it was also noted that Birmingham is recognized as a major fundraiser for the said objects.

A point for your concern is that one such organisation is actively involved in raising funds via Hajj and Umrah activities. Specifically, this includes Mr. Shabir Hussain of 277 St. Margarets Road, Hodge Hill, Birmingham B8 (Tel No: 07831314207) who is currently being investigated by the United Kingdom Charities Commission, Birmingham City Council Audit Department and the Inland Revenue.

Background – Mr. Shabir Hussain is currently being investigated by the Charities Commission for raising funds under false pretences. It is alleged that he diverted public funds for other purpose related to the Kashmir cause etc. For verification please contact Mr. Daniel Jeans Investigation Division at the Charities Commission Telephone number 020 7674 2499. Further, Mr. Hussain has been accessing funds from Local Authority, European funds and public donations in guise as representative of different organizations and is now facing inquiries. Further, he has been removed as director of a community forum for not fulfilling his fiduciary duty and suspended as an employee for misleading the board or directors of the company.

Mr. Shabir Hussain for the past three years has also been running a Hajj & Umrah business and has been generating income that has been diverted to fund Kashmiri fundamentalist groups based in Pakistan and India. It has come to our attention that Mr. Shabir Hussain is currently taking 500 people from 27 January 2002 at a price of £1350 via PANAMA Travel (ATOL Reg No: 73781). This would generate £675,000 turnover and profit is expected to be substantial and please note that he only accepts cash. Enclosed is a leaflet that Mr. Shabir Hussain uses to promote his business, he highlights that he is registered for Hajj & Umrah. Having searched your website it appears that this is not the case and it appears that Panama Travel are registered and not the aforementioned group that belongs to Mr. Shabir Hussain.

Please note that this individual has been a major contributor to the said fund raising and the last thing we expect is that the holy Hajj and Umrah events are also used to raise funds to support terrorism. This is against the values of Islam and we must all unite in tackling such renegades who use religion to forward their personal causes.

To this effect, I trust you will intervene and seek assurances that this individual is not using Hajj & Umrah to raise funds for immoral purposes.

A Qaum
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