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BNNR (Birmingham Northern Relief Road) Action

roadalert/piratetv | 07.11.2002 03:15 | Birmingham

intro and link to streaming video report of anti roadbuilding action.

BNNR (Birmingham Northern Relief Road) Action 23/10/2002

"Hello, please don't panic this is a peaceful protest and we mean you no harm.
Don't take this personally we want to challenge the continued and recently increased plans for new road building.
We're doing this because new roads fill up with new cars and more cars kill more children and cause climate chaos
Please take time to enjoy an unscheduled break
We hope this isn't too upsetting or frustrating.
Thanks for your patience.
If you want to know more please look up Road Alert on the internet" - from leaflet that was distributed to BNRR workers.

To watch the BNNR action via internet visit

or follow this link

N.B You will need Real Player to view this streaming media.

Thank you
Road Alert

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  1. brilliant film — rising tide birmingham