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Birmingham Indymedia screening of We Interrupt this Empire... 15th April 7:30pm

Birmingham Indymedia | 09.04.2004 16:41 | Anti-militarism | Indymedia | Birmingham

Birmingham Indymedia presents the second of its film screenings across the City in the lead up to its launch.

We are showing 'We Interrupt this Empire' along with some shorts and clips of direct action and community news followed by discussion and some conscious sounds...

The films start at 7:30pm at the Unit, Dennis Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham.

Look out for details of our future screenings at the Custard Factory (early May) and the mac (17th June)

Entrance is £2/£3 and no-one will be turned away through lack of funds.

Please help to distribute the attached flier...

We Interrupt This Empire…

Dirs: No Empire Pictures and The San Francisco Video Activist Network
2003, 52 minutes, video, color, English

What happens when a trigger-happy cowboy with a pocket full of loot aims his guns on an oil-rich, people-poor nation? The San Francisco Bay Area Video Activist Network presents the story you won't see on Fox News: an eye-popping, jaw-dropping look at the Bay Area's radical resistance to an illegal war.

"We Interrupt This Empire..." is a collaborative work by many of the Bay Area's independent video activists which documents the direct actions that shut down the financial district of San Francisco in the weeks following the United States' invasion of Iraq. With the audio backdrop including live broadcasts of Enemy Combatant Radio from the SF Independent Media, the documentary takes a look at the diverse show of resistance from the streets of San Francisco as well as providing a critique of the corporate media coverage of the war and exploring such issues as the Military Industrial Complex, attack on civil liberties, and the United States' current imperialist drive.

The Video Activist Network is an informal association of activists and politically conscious artists using video to support social, economic and environmental justice campaigns.

Birmingham Indymedia


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Can't see the pdf file

10.04.2004 20:55

I would love to help promote this event, but I can't see the pdf file. When I try to download it (i'm using windows and internet exploiter unfortunately, I get an error message in acrobat reading 'A font contains a bad c map/ encoding', then another asking me whether i wish to supress furhter errors. Whether I choose yes or no, the document appears as blank.

Perhaps you could try posting a copy in a different font?

mail e-mail: