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PETA: Holocaust on Your Plate Tour - Birmingham Protester Arrested

This n That | 14.05.2004 22:55 | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

Protester arrested over Holocaust images
May 13 2004

An animal rights protester who defied a ban on publicly displaying graphic images of holocaust victims and animal slaughterhouse scenes has been arrested during a demonstration in Birmingham, police have said.

Andrew Butler was detained in Birmingham city centre where the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals held its Holocaust On Your Plate rally.

The charity had been told by Birmingham City Council not to display the images, which compared the Nazis' genocide with practices in factory farms.

Mr Butler was the first PETA activist to be arrested during the organisation's latest campaign, which has visited more than 70 cities worldwide, including London.

Colleague Matt Prescott, who devised the images, said: "The reason we chose to go through with it and defy the ban is that it is so important for people to realise that we cannot continue to turn our backs on the victimisation of and violence against animals."

West Midlands Police said a man was arrested for a public order offence, but it is understood he will not face any charges.


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