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Urban D:tour - 31st May 2004: Birmingham

Birmingham Indymedia | 30.05.2004 16:42 | Birmingham

Urban D:tour - 31st May 2004
Join us for a day of disreputable and diversionary street theatre in the heart of 'Europe's new shopping capital'.

Explore the full potential of railings, fences and bus shelters.

Meeting point 10-10:30am at the top of the Bullring by Waterstones.

The day will finish off with a selection of funny, political short films from Manchester's BeyondTV, in association with Birmingham Indymedia (8PM - Decoy, 22 Green Street, Digbeth, b12 0NE, opposite Custard Factory, behind Peugot dealership

Bull ringing
Bull ringing

Misguided Architectural Tour

10:30am - 12:15pm

Forgotten how Birmingham used to look? can memories of public space be channeled back into existence by the A2RT architectural whirlwind?
A short tour highlighting the private masquerading as the public, the corporate as community, in a collective attempt to re-populate our experiences of the city. Phone 07005803623 to leave a voicemail of your memory which we will make into an online map of Birmingham

A-Z of retail trickery with the spacehijackers (12:45pm - 2pm)

Ever wandered into a shop looking to buy a few things on your list, only to find yourself coming out with twice as much? You may not be aware, but the reason for this is not sheer chance, or that you were just feeling frivolous - the retail industry spends hard time and money into creating all sorts of devious little means to make you shop that little bit extra. Every penny you spend in their shop is not being spent at their rivals, and in the high stakes of todays competitive market, every penny counts.

A Chris Graham comment on Mass Consumerism

99p PROFIT - "Give em' back their own shit man"

The Artist expresses his negativity towards the capitalist modes of production and consumption by demonstrating the art of eating and shitting money.

1pm Friday 28th May Nottingham

Part One - The Eating

1pm Money 31st May The Bullring Birmingham

Part Two - Spending a penny and shitting a pound (in-store limited audience only)

Part Three - Spending it

URBAN DECOY - a game of stealth...

2:30 - 4:30pm the Bullring, Birmingham
'rub your eyes, wipe away the mirage of 'unsustainable choice'

Event stall at the junction between high street and new Street. Outside Waterstones, at the top of The Bullring.

"the beauty of the urban decay is in expressing that extraordinary beauty of yours any way you damn well please, even if you change your look every single day. There are no rules here. No formulas... have fun, experiment, toy with a look that borders on dangerous. Our only request - go for broke, not for average. You are no ordinary beauty". -

Would be participants need to check-in and sign-up for URBAN DECOY at the event stall on the junction between high Street & New Street, outside Waterstones, at the top of The Bullring.

Getting your Brazilian - the vacuum cleaner
A culture and heritage tour of Brazil, in Birmingham
Come discover the all nu brazilian brand, an experience rooted in thousands of years of community, tradition and sun. All easily digestible, fashoinable and of course, always appropriate. the Vacuum cleaner will lead a tour of the new cathedral of fake fullfillment, Selfridges and its Brazil 40 campaign. The tour will last 40 minutes max.

All meeting points at the top of the Bullring by waterstones
Time subject to alteration - check for latest info.

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