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New prisoner, Dave Edwards needs your support

Tony Preston | 30.06.2004 22:02 | Social Struggles | Birmingham | London | Oxford

A new political prisoner in the Midlands, UK would welcome your letters of support, particularly as he is on hunger strike.

David Edwards, a political protester, was last week remanded to Blakenhurst Prison in Redditch. He`s on remand awaiting trial for breaching his Interim Anti Social Behaviour Order(ASBO) which relates to him campaigning in Rugby(his home town) against the local council, re human rights, pollution and corruption issues.

Despite being homeless, Dave has campaigned for several years and has been constantly persecuted by the police/courts for standing up against injustice in his town. 17 days ago(on Mon 14 June) Dave started a hunger strike protest on the steps of Rugbys Town Hall, where he was camped out. He was arrested on Thursday 24 June for causing `alarm and distress` to a councillor by allegedly waving his arms at him! This action was said to breach his Interim ASBO, and he has been remanded to prevent any further breach.

Dave remains on hunger strike inside Blakenhurst Prison and he would welcome support by way of letters/postcards etc.

David Edwards LJ8405
HMP Blakenhurst,
Hewell Lane,
B97 6QS

For more information about Dave and the injustice he fights, check out his website
Dave also has his own forum on Rugby`s alternative website under `community`.

Tony Preston


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