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Brum Critical Mass: this evening Fri July 2nd @ 5:30pm

Birmingham Indymedia | 02.07.2004 11:04 | Free Spaces | Birmingham


Meetup @ St Phillip's Cathedral, Friday 2nd June, 5:30pm
And on the first Friday of each month after.

A leisurely ride along the roads of the City Centre to make other road users aware of the presence of cyclists.

We aren't blocking traffic, we are traffic!
We aren't blocking traffic, we are traffic!

A Critical Mass of cyclists occurs when there are so many cyclists on the road that car drivers just have to take notice of the cyclists as the bikes outnumber the cars. The purpose of the Critical Mass ride is to make motorists more aware of cyclists as legitimate road users with just the same rights to occupy road space.

Birmingham's Critical Mass rides are held on the first Friday of each month. The cyclists congregate at St Phillip's Cathedral between 17:30 at 18:00 before setting off on their journey along the City Centre streets. The destination will be a pub for social refreshment.

The more cyclists, of any ability, that join in, the better. Bikes should be roadworthy. Please come and join in to swell the mass of cyclists as it's an excellent opportunity to meet other local cyclists, feel part of a cycling community and have an enjoyable "feel-good factor" experience.

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