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Council Seeks to Evict The Nursery Social Centre, Birmingham

The Nursery Social Centre Collective | 15.09.2004 07:11 | Free Spaces | Birmingham

PRESS RELEASE - by The Nursery Social Centre

Occupiers threatened with eviction - court case today

A group of people, including children, have re-opened a communuity
building in Selly Oak. Formerly a Council-run free nursery, the
building and its "secret garden" had been boarded up for over a year
and half.

The collective have decorated and re-furbished the space, and have a
donation-based cafe open daily. The garden, which had been created by
local parents using lottery funding, is being restored to a community

Several homeless people are involved in the collective and are using
the upper floors as living space.

The council are now seeking possession of the nursery so that they can
evict the occupants and ultimately demolish the building.

Jon Franks, member of the social centre collective, said:
"In these times, when councils are closing facilities due to
government cutbacks and market ideology, social centres make a
valuable contribution and fulfil an increasingly ignored need. They
work on the basis of donations and exist on the basis of need; not to
make a profit, but to serve society."

Layla, Big Issue Seller, member of the social centre collective, said:
"It's shameful that the Council are letting this building go to waste
when it could be such a valuable social space used by the community.
If the council are going to demolish it why don't they allow us to
stay and put it to good use in the meantime?"


1. The centre is at 1, Bournbrook Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29

2. The court hearing takes place on Wednesday 15th September at 11.15
a.m. at Birmingham County Court, Civil Justice Centre, The Priory
Courts, 33 Bull Street, City Centre. Birmingham City Council is
applying for a possession order against "persons unknown", i.e. the

3. press contacts:

Jon Franks - 0793 160 6578

4. Website:

The Nursery Social Centre Collective
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