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Birmingham City Council snoop on the Nursery Social Centre

The Nursery Social Centre Collective | 22.09.2004 16:39 | Free Spaces | Birmingham

Two Birmingham City Council employees turned up yesterday to deliver Court papers to the Nursery Social Centre in Selly Oak. One man reluctantly identified himself as Anthony Reese, the other man picture refused to identify himself. Mr. Reese when asked to identify himself held his Identity card upside down. He also refused initially to give his office phone number. He categorically refused to tell us his bosses name but we know he works for the City Council's Economic "Development" Dept - the department responsible for evicting us and "developing" the secret garden.

Anthony Reece employed by the City Council's Economic "Development" Dept
Anthony Reece employed by the City Council's Economic "Development" Dept

It transpires that Anthony Reese has already visited the Social Centre the a week ago as a member of the community interested in doing some music here. We welcomed him with open arms and offered him a cup of tea and gave him a tour of the building. He enthused that the capitalist system was wrong and needed smashing. He raised his fist in defiance and wished us the best of luck with the social centre.

On his return to the social centre dressed in a suit, we asked him why he was involved with evicting homeless people back onto street and ruining other people's lives including children. He replied that it was just a job.

The Nursery Social Centre Collective
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