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Bush subvertisement in Birmingham

The Nursery Social Centre Collective | 25.09.2004 09:29 | Birmingham

Last week the Nursery Social Centre Collective were taken to court by Birmingham City Council to gain an eviction order and throw three homeless people out onto the streets. Outside court we 'spotted' this subvertisement across the road on a telephone box. You might need to squint to read the subverted text so if anyone feels the urge to repeat this subvert we advise them to use a thicker/clearer marker pen.

Get subvertising!
Get subvertising!

The subvertisement reads: 'The most dangerous threat to American children since polio' IS George Bush.

Happy subvertising :0)

The Nursery Social Centre Collective
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Follow this link to participate in the debate on the Council's Bulletin Board

25.09.2004 10:20

[Poll] Should the Bournbrook Nursery squatters be evicted?

The Developers and Birmingham City Council are one and the same