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Birmingham: European No Borders Day of Action - April 2nd, 12pm

NO BORDERS! NO NATIONS! STOP DEPORTATIONS! | 01.04.2005 20:53 | Anti-racism | Migration | Birmingham

European Day of Action against Refugee Detention and for Migrant Rights

Against racism

For freedom of movement

For the right to stay and work

12 noon Saturday 2nd April 2005 Birmingham Bull Ring centre

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

Martin Luther King

European Day of Action against Refugee Detention and for Migrant Rights 2nd April 2005.

Tomorrow is the second European day of action in the name of the right to freedom of movement and against detention centres where migrant citizens are caged. Actions are taking place at Refugee Detention Centres and in towns and cities throughout Britain and the rest of Europe. Tomorrows demo in Birmingham city centre is part of this European-wide day of action.

The action aims to highlight the widespread struggles of migrants and non-migrants in claiming common human dignity for all. Struggles for the right to have a house, struggles against racism and camps, struggles against exploitation in the work place

This is a local as well as European issue. Right now there are:

* People in Birmingham living in fear of deportation

* People in Birmingham whose family members have been locked up without charge

* People in Birmingham suffering destitution because the government withholds their support but refuses them the right to work

* People in Birmingham forced to work illegally under slave conditions or face destitution

This action has been organised by the Birmingham Anti Racist Campaign (ARC), an independent organisation working against racism and oppression in Birmingham. The next ARC meeting will be Tuesday 12th April, Room D433 - University of Central England, Perry Barr at 6.30pm. You are very welcome to attend. The meeting will be held in the Dawson Building, 4th floor, room 433.

For further information call : 07837 289 192

or e-mail: birminghamantiracistcampaign @