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Never Mind the Ballots

Vote Nobody | 03.05.2005 05:23 | Analysis | Birmingham | Cambridge

Don't vote, it only encourages them!
May Day, 2005
United Kingdom

Never Mind the Ballots
Never Mind the Ballots

Are you tired of holding your nose and voting for the least repulsive candidate? Well so are we! On May 5th, election day, we're planning on eating or otherwise destroying our ballots to protest the futility of electoral politics.

This election will be annoyingly typical. The differences between the political parties are relatively superficial. They will set an agenda that reinforces the current power structure, while the broader issues of how we live will never be addressed.

It doesn't matter who you vote for, the government always gets in -- the government being big business, and those who can afford to fund political parties, media empires, or hire lobbyists. The elected party is just the changeable mask on the face of corporate power.

Voting in this election is not only useless, it actually undermines democracy by giving legitimacy to prevailing edibleballot.tao.capower structures which are inherently undemocratic. Don't be guilt-tripped into voting for the least offensive party. Vote your desires and destroy your ballot.

Voting is really an insignificant act compared to the greater goal of creating authentic democracy. We need to participate in forging real communities through everyday acts of resistance and community building. A vote every couple of years is not democracy, it's repressive. Get over it.

It is true that voting should not be taken lightly or for granted, but the struggle for democracy should not end once we are given the vote. We need more than the illusion of democracy. We need to continue our resistance and defiance so that we all have power.

During this election we are encouraging people to eat their ballots by having our chefs develop delicious recipes. Check out great dishes such as The Ballot Burger, with a side order of Campaign Literature. Or perhaps you enjoy cheese and would like to try a Ballot Fondue. Of course, there are other interesting ways to destroy your ballot.

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