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Donate Against the G8!

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Please post this information as widely as possible!

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Donate against the G8!

Donations can now be made via the Dissent! webpage!
or visit

This July, the G8 is coming to Gleneagles, Scotland.
The Dissent! Network is mobilising to ensure that the
Summit does not pass by uncontested. Preparations
are well underway and we have found a Convergence
Centre. However, we urgently need funds to pay for the
massive ammount of resources needed to accommodate the
10's of thousands of protesters expected. We estimate
that we
need to raise a further £30,000!!

Please make a generous donation to the Dissent!
Network through our webpage, or by direct
deposit into our bank account:
Account Name: Dissent
Bank Name: The Cooperative Bank
Sort Code: 08-92-99
Account Number 6515 5518

For international bank transfers you will also need
the following codes:
IBAN: GB85 CPBK 0892 9965 1555 18

Cheques can also be made out to "The Dissent Network"
and mailed to: "Dissent Funding, Box 8, 245 Gladstone
Street, Forest Fields, Nottingham, NG7 6HX".

Other payment methods are available on our webpage.

How You Can Help:

* Forward this email, and get in touch with people or
organisations you know who might have available funds
or be able to help raise funds.

* Help with our Ten Pounds Appeal at

* Host events in your local area to both raise funds
and awareness.

* ask websites to link to our donate button at

Additional fundraising ideas can be found at:

For more information on the Dissent! Network, visit

To contact us with questions, or to get help with
fundraising, email: dissent-funding (at)

- e-mail:
- Homepage: