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Birmingham Indymedia DiY News Workshops

we are all indymedia | 20.05.2005 14:10 | Indymedia | Birmingham

Are you fed up with the corporate news always being out of focus when it comes to issues you really care about? Want to get your news directly uploaded onto your local indymedia site?

Having problems uploading your news to the site - would you like to go through the basics step by step of how to upload your news to your site?

Want to get some inspiration writing some news stories?

Need some help getting your pictures re-sized for the newswire?

Interested in making video, getting a local print project going or a radio project together?

Interested in getting involved, sharing skills and networking with other Indymedia people locally and globally?

Then come along to Birmingham Indymedias DiY News Workshop on Thursday Thursday May 26th @ 6:00pm where there will be a range of workshops covering:

* Open Publishing - how do you get your news directly onto the newswire?

* Story writing workshop - Fancy getting enthused about writing your own articles in an accessible way? Fed up with the mainstream corporate press representation of what's going on?

* Video workshop - fancy learning the basics of filming and editing?
We are all film makers now.

* Internet Relay Chat (IRC) - what is it and how do we use it to work together?

* Twiki Workspace - what exactly is this collaborative workspace thing and how do you use it?

* Technical issues - Interested in getting involved in helping design and maintain the site?

Come along to Decoy (22 Green Street, Digbeth, Birmingham)
@ 6:00pm on Thursday 26th May

Everyone is welcome :)

we are all indymedia
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Hope to make it

24.05.2005 15:48

Maybe a tad late!