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one of brum imc | 21.05.2005 16:14 | Indymedia | Birmingham

Birmingham Indymedia finally went live as part of the UK Indymedias United Kollektives on May 1st 2005. Birmingham DiY Indymedia aims to empower people within Birmingham and beyond to realise their voices through community news.

You can upload your news in the form of written reports, photos, audio and video. Just go to the 'publish your news' in the top right hand corner of the site to upload your news or click the 'make a quick comment' at the end of an article.

DiY News Workshops | Brum Indymedia's TWiki Workspace | Indymedia UK

The collective held a series of DiY news workshops on Thursday May 26th where people learnt about the historical background of indymedia. The collective gave a tour of the website, the mailing lists and demonstrated how to publish news. There were also workshops on how to use the TWiki collaborative workspace and Internet Relay Chat (IRC). The workshops ended with an introduction to story writing and reflections about how we should report news and engage with the community as an independent media centre.

one of brum imc
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