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Mini-Festival This tHURSDAY!

STINK | 27.06.2005 15:42 | G8 2005 | Culture | Birmingham

Mini Festival in Birmingham, featuring Food Not Bombs, Filastine, Persons Unknown, LOst Film Fest and the Infernal Noise Brigade. One night only!

Another event you are warmly invited to: on Thursday we are having a
mini-festival featuring the LOST FILM FEST, FILASTINE and the Infernal
Noise Brigade all the way from Washington night only!

LOST FILM FEST is a laugh-a-riot event with equal emphasis on both
"laugh" and "r***." Focusing on pranks vs. corporations and government
institutions. If George W. Bush makes you puke and you dig pie fights
with cops and culture jamming, you'll love the punk rock urgency of
the Lost Film Fest and its celebration of media archaeology and illegal
art. more info:

FILASTINE performs LivePA/DJ sets that wreck genre, seamlessly
integrating hip-hop, batucada, breakcore, drum & bass, politics, and
international obscura. The core of a Filastine live performance
consists of a laptop & electronics where tracks are remixed and
layered, then enhanced with live percussion. Filastine will also be
joined by MC Subzero Permafrost, the rhyme-spitting sephardic
ice-princess of New Orleans, on this European tour.
more (mix downloads, press materials, bio):

The INFERNAL NOISE BRIGADE is a 20-piece mutant marching band using
drums, horns, voice, flags, and loudspeakers for intervention across
the globe. At manifestations in Seattle, Prague, Cancún, & New York
the INB has performed in clouds of gas and hails of rubber bullets without
dropping a beat. Between these big international actions the Infernal
Noise Brigade performs at festivals, raves, prisons, and Burning Man,
leaving a wake of dismantled spectacle in their path.
more (pics, bio, music clips):

The mini-festival runs from 8.30 till late, Thursday 30th June.
The venue is Decoy Arts Centre, 22 Green St Digbeth, Birmingham.
Incredibly low cost: Five Pounds/three pounds

Hope to see you there!