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Rupert Murdoch's son-in-law in charge of Live8 publicity

hardly surprised | 27.06.2005 18:28 | G8 2005 | Birmingham

Tony Blair's and Peter Mandelson's friend, Murdoch's son-in-law, is Geldof's spin doctor: corporate public relations consultant Matthew Freud in charge of Live8 Ltd. adds more weight to the accusations that Live8 is a mere publicity stunt by the rich and powerful to distract from the real issues of global capitalism and the extreme poverty it increasingly causes.

Tony Blair's good friend, Mr Matthew Freud, is heading Bob Geldof's middle-aged attempt to regain pop-stardom. Matthew is Sigmund Freud´s grandson and runs "Freud Communications PR Consultants" (, which works with with popstars and celebrities like Britney Spears and has corporate customers like AOL, Nestlé, KFC, Pepsi, Sony and the British Central Office of Intelligence (COI) The COI is the successor of the WWII wartime Ministry of Information.

Freud also ran Labour´s Millenium Dome project, and in 2001 he married
Elisabeth Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch´s daughter. Another close
friend, The Right Honourable Peter Benjamin Mandelson attended their wedding. Mandelson -one of the first people in Britain to whom the term "spin doctor" was
applied- became Britain's European Commissioner for Trade in 2004.,

Adam Jones and Kay Summer, both involved with the Dissent! Network, fear that genuine protest against the G8 might be hijacked by the Live8 and White Band campaigns and with the revelation that Rupert Murdoch's son-in-law is in charge of Geldof's pop-distraction, their article seems to might be right on the money. Read their article, which was printed in The Guardian: The article is about the G8 Bikeride / Cycle Caravan

Wear a white band - make poverty history (the amazing illusion).

For weeks Tony Blair and even George Bush have been spouting hot air
about their debt relief campaign for Africa. Critics say that their debt relief packages ("help for Africa") are too small to really make a difference and that they are bound to economical and structural
adjustments of the IMF/World Bank kind that have caused the emergence of a global resistance movement. This might be the reason for massive corporate support towards the Live8 / Make Poverty History campaign. Large sums will flow back into the G8´s (private industry's) economies. This is well illustrated in an embarrissing example The New Scottsman exposed: The white anti-poverty wristbands for the campaign were actually produced in Chinese sweatshops
Tony Blair and other celebreties had themselves photographed with these sweatbands.

Germany and Japan are reluctant about their "Help for Africa". It is
said they want more influence on how the money is spent. This is directly reflected in the attitude the German government takes towards the local frontend for the Live8 Campaign. Marek Lieberberg, who manages the German Live8 event in Berlin says that German companies "have not lifted a finger" to help sponsor the concert and that the Bundestag lower house of parliament had failed to make the Republic Square in front of its Reichstag building available for the event. He
further accused Mayor Klaus Wowereit, German authorities and industry of "stinginess, ignorance and Wilhelminian absurd bureaucracy" (source:,1564,1627961,00.html)

hardly surprised
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