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AR activist arrested outside Thomas Cook in Worcester

Civil_Liberty | 28.06.2005 21:31 | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

Animal activist arrested for not giving over her name to filth during a Gateway to Hell demo outside Thomas Cook in Worcester.

Don't Thomas Cook it!
Don't Thomas Cook it!

Another fantastic demo happened outside Thomas Cook this afternoon in Worcester. Thomas Cook are still busy cashing in on flying tourists to the island of primate hell Mauritius, despite knowing full well that primates are brutally kidnapped on this island, held on monkey farms in disgusting conditions, then flown off the island crammed into the freezing cargo holds of popular tourist airlines, to be sadistically tortured and butchered at their destinations, the european vivisection laboratories.

Once again the petitions on the stall were filled in fluently, sheet after sheet, by disgusted members of the public horrified at Thomas Cook's refusal to put pressure on the Mauritian government (who it makes rich through the tourist industry) to revoke the licences of the evil money grabbing filth on the island of Mauritius who kidnap primates and sell them for their own filthy profits.

About an hour and ten minutes into the demo, a well organised west mercia police operation took place at the demo outside Thomas Cook. First three officers came and told activists that under section 19 of PACE that they were confiscating every leaflet, postcard and poster that had the Thomas Cook logo on it, all the time threatening to arrest activists for moving, and also that activists present faced up to ten years in jail for infringing copyright! Out came the see through plastic bags and into them went every Gateway to Hell leaflet concerning the beleagured Thomas Cook. Another six backup cops arrived shortly after in a car and a van.

Names and addresses were demanded, all but one gave the info over. This activist was arrested. This is when the cops got heavy and manhandled the activist towards the waiting cop van. The cops picked the activist up off her feet and threw her roughly into the back of the van before slamming the door and standing smugly outside with arms folded, her belongings strewn outside of the van on the floor. There were plenty of witnesses to this who have kindly stated that they will stand up in court against the police and state what they had witnessed. Police brutallity.

After contacting legal representitives, we learnt that we had not infringed copyright by distributing the G2H leaflets, and also that Thomas Cook themselves state that their own logo can be used for educational purposes only as long as nobody is profiting from the logo. Oh dear west mercia ... another fine booboo? Unlawful arrest .. assault and battery ... Names and numbers of officers present were taken for future reference.

Activists are preparing for the next loud and proud demo to name and shame Thomas Cook in Worcester regarding this company's continued support of brutal and vicious animal torture.

Two years of solid, relentless, full on animal rights demos in the Worcester area gives you a clue that we never, ever, ever give in!

For the animals always!

Gateway to Hell campaign:
Pics of demo up at:



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