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Skip Bikes first meeting!

Peacocks | 29.06.2005 20:40 | Ecology | Education | Technology | Birmingham

Dedicated bike heads met up for the first time today to discuss SKIP BIKES: a new bike project aiming to get more people in the saddle, promote environmentality / ethicality and to share skills. Plus anything else yous can think of! Next meeting early July. All welcome.

Skip Bikes is an idea to encourage both bicycle use and recycling/re-use. There are many ways this could be done, but the basic idea is to acquire old or unwanted bikes, refurbish them and use them for good. Bikes could be given away to groups who might not have access to transport – something other groups around the country already do. Bikes could be sold to fund the projects activities. Alternatively they could be left around town 'free' as a statement about the availability of resources. And if they didn't get them nicked straight away then they'd be a useful, fun addition to a sometimes drab cityscape.

Most importantly, the possibilities of a project like this are, if not endless, then definitely pretty big. Any and all ideas, energy, input is to be valued and encouraged. It's more about bringing like-minded people together and getting stuff done.

That said there are some practical considerations:

1.SOURCES OF BIKES – Where to get bikes from? Companies? Individuals? How to transport them around?
2.What will be covered / ethos? What projects should be undertaken? Cycle training? Maintainance skills? Other training? What to do with the refurbed bikes?
3.Where / Premises? Where to be based and how to organise / pay for it.
5.OTHER THINGS – Would we need to provide training for staff / volunteers? Who has the skills to do what – where are the gaps?

Contact details to follow soon.