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Boycott animal circus & join this protest

West Midlands Animal Action | 27.07.2005 19:57 | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

Please join a peaceful protest on Friday aimed at educating the general public about why they should boycott ALL animal circuses.

From July 29th - August 3rd, Zippos Circus will be at Oaklands Recreational Ground, A45 Coventry Road, in the Hay Mills/Yardley area of Birmingham. Please join a peaceful protest as the public arrive for their opening performance, this Friday. Meet at 6.30pm at the entrance into Oaklands Rec Ground, off the A45. We have leaflets to distribute, but please bring placards/posters if you have them.

Zippos Circus use horses, birds and dogs in their performances. Like something from the dark ages, these animals are made to perform demeaning, unnatural `tricks` for human entertainment. Undercover footage has proven time and time again that animals are consistantly abused during training. When not performing, circus animals lead a grim, pathetic existence in dark lorries, tents or cages. This boring, frustrating, stressful life drives many animals completely mad resulting in mindless pacing/swaying to & fro, chewing at the bars etc. These animals suffer both mentally and physically.

The new Animal Welfare Bill will allow this suffering to continue, so it is up to compassionate people like us to tell the public the truth about circuses. Please join this protest on Friday and contact us if you can make it any other day for demos. Demos will potentially take place every day they`re in Brum, IF enough people get involved. Don`t leave it to someone else - YOU can help stop this suffering!!

For more details of the way animals suffer in circuses, and how you can help stop it, see the Captive Animals Protection Society website

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