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'Tornado' hits south Birmingham

Peacocks | 28.07.2005 14:46 | Ecology | Birmingham

Extreme winds felled trees in the Kings Heath area of Birmingham in an intense minute-long storm.

At approximately 15:00 on Thurday 28th July a storm, which is being described by residents as a 'tornado', tore down mature trees and reportedly blew out shop frontages. Kings Heath High Road is reported closed to traffic and pedestrians. The No 50 bus is being diverted through residential streets.
Locals described how the sky turned dark, followed by driving rain and winds strong enough to rip down large trees and pull roof tiles to the ground. Sixty seconds later calm had been restored. One man described seeing branches swirling in the sky 25 feet above him. Extensive damage has been done to property and trees, though there are not any reports of injuries as of yet.


Is there any presendence for tornadoes in Birmingham in July? What does this mean. It did all seem a bit Day After Tomorrow, or am I reading too much into this?



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