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BBC bias on vivisection - join the protest

Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs | 03.08.2005 13:08 | Animal Liberation | Education | Health | Birmingham | London

Recent BBC programmes and reporting re the campaign against guinea pig breeders for vivisection - Newchurch Farm, have been totally biased in favour of the animal abusers. The BBC pride themselves on their 'impartial, educational & honest' broadcasting, yet their coverage of this campaign has been anything but. On Saturday 6th August, campaigners in Birmingham, London & Manchester will demonstrate outside BBC studios and hand in a statement from the Newchurch Campaign, which asks the BBC for some justification for this unashamed abuse of its own public policy.

Weekly Sunday afternoon protest outside the farm
Weekly Sunday afternoon protest outside the farm


The BBC`s Blatant Bias is Beyond Belief!!

For nearly 6 years, animal rights protesters have campaigned tirelessly for the end of the breeding of guinea pigs for vivisection, at Newchurch Farm in Staffordshire. Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs have orchestrated the peaceful voice of opposition to this animal hellhole, staging hundreds of demos outside the farm, their suppliers etc and upto a dozen National Demos have taken place in towns & cities throughout the area.

It was only after members of the Animal Liberation Front raided the farm liberating 600 innocent beings, that the SNGP campaign began. The ALF have continued their campaign of direct action with many attacks on the property of the owners, workers, suppliers and customers.

The cumulative effect of persistent protests and direct action has resulted in many workers and suppliers severing their ties with the farm.

The BBC have recently hosted three blatantly biased programmes regarding this campaign & we believe they represent a betrayal of the BBCs own obligations as a public service. The BBC is designed as a ‘public service broadcasting company’ – its very own 2004/2005 statement reiterates its original Charter that espouses fundamental sentiments of non-commerciality, honesty, education and impartiality.

How is it then possible for such an ‘independent’, ‘non-commercial’ and ‘public’ service to broadcast three primetime programs which are deliberately economical with the truth about the Newchurch animal factory farm, so flagrantly in favour of commerciality over public education
and so unashamedly prejudiced about the members of the public who protest there?

When the BBC Entertains You the Facts Fly Out the Window!

The BBC have clearly twisted the truth to protect commercial and ideological interests. They have misrepresented the FACTS for the sake of entertaining plotlines, commercial gain and one-dimensional analysis and research. Truth, honesty and impartiality have evidently been dropped in
favour of espousing what the government, this commercial guinea pig breeder and the vivisection industry would like YOU to believe.

On Saturday 6th August campaigners in Birmingham, London & Manchester will be presenting the BBC local studios/offices a formal statement outlining our objections to their biased programmes(see statement link below). The demo will be an opportunity to set the record straight to the public and present the BBC with the statement asking for acknowledgement from them that these programs have been anything but 'impartial, educational or honest.'

We will be giving out this statement to members of the public and the BBC. Please contact us if you can photocopy and distribute these outside your local BBC office.

PDF statement
Word statement

MEETING POINT: The main focus will be the Birmingham demo which will meet outside New Street Tesco at 12 noon or join us at The Mailbox from 12.30pm.

BBC West Midlands:
The Mailbox
B1 1RF
The Mailbox website map

For London & Manchester meeting points & times, please get in touch.


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