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Indymedia Cinema screening: 'Czech Dream' Aug 5th 8:30pm @ mac

brum imc volunteer | 03.08.2005 13:24 | Culture | Social Struggles | Birmingham

'Czech Dream' August 5th @ Midlands Arts Centre @ 8:30pm

'They built a fake hypermarket. They fooled thousands of people. Why did they do it?'

This funny and provocative analysis of the world of media manipulation is based on a hoax perpetrated by two film students on an unsuspecting public. In May 2003, several thousand Prague residents showed up at a meadow on the city's outskirts to attend the opening of Czech Dream, a hypermarket much touted in a clever advertising campaign which said 'Don't Come' and 'Don't Spend'. But the store front turned out to be a façade.

Friday nights screening, which starts at 8:30pm, will be followed by a post-screening discussion, hosted by Indymedia, focusing on the issues that the film raises.

The prank soon had everyone debating the role of advertising in society, attracting widespread media coverage and lead to fierce debates on national TV. A great insight into the process of creating a brand and persuading people to buy into a dream that is universally relevant, but told with a surreal humour that is particularly Czech.

brum imc volunteer
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