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Hiroshima - Never Again! FREE Music Festival: Sat Aug 6th 2-7pm Millenium Point

Baghad's bombs are exploding on us now | 03.08.2005 15:01 | Culture | Birmingham

On 6th August, the 60th Anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, there will be free music festival at Millennium Point to remember all those who have died and those who continue to suffer at the hands of those who think violence is the answer.

The festival will celebrate life too and will ask people to come together to choose peace, to remember their humanity. There is tremendous support from within the Birmingham music community for this event and everyone is giving their time free. Reggae artist Pato Banton and former 'Specials' front man Neville Staple will each be performing with their bands, as well as many more young new bands and artists.

To see the artists visit:

2.00 - 7.00 pm 6th August Millennium Point Birmingham

ROCK, Ska, Hip Hop, Reggae, RnB, Folk, DJs and MCs as well as spoken word and massive live graffiti art in the making.


Pato Banton and Friends

Neville Staple and his band



Tenna Star


MC and Angel and the Cherubims

Stephan Smith




Luv Injection

Baghad's bombs are exploding on us now
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