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Nuclear "strike" in Derby 22-24 October

JONI M | 10.09.2005 13:43 | Anti-militarism | Ecology | Birmingham

22-24 Put the brakes on Rolls Royce Raynesway. Trident Ploughshares are organising a weekend of action against Rolls Royce in Derby: Raynesway is the plant in Derby responsible for producing reactor fuel for Trident submarines - essential for Britain’s nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction.0845 330 3877

Demo against factory producinig uranium for Trident subs & depleted uranium shells for Iraq war, currently poisoning all sides over there.
This factory is not only a threat to the world, it is a direct threat to residents of Nottingham & Derby who would be irradiated if there was an "accident" at the factory.
At the moment they have an explosive acetylene gas tank at the entrance! unless it has been moved recently,if any Mods or Rollys Roce people are listening sort it out!

ps I work part time in metal manufacturing & turned down work at RollsRoyce Hucknall because of their arms links & current use of fossil fuels although there is no need for both with bio-kerosene possible.
I would try & support any strikes in Nottingham or Derby as a anarcho-syndicalist

pps sorry if thus articale has come up twice, indy uk & nottingham pages both jumped on me whilst working in them as if the computer had a life of its own & deleted all my infor 3 times without me pressing out, I know computers can be annoying!,but?

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