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Regional Anti-Vivisection Demo Sept 24th 2005!

Anti-Tox | 15.09.2005 15:35 | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

Please be there for the animals ..

There's No Excuse for Animal Abuse!
There's No Excuse for Animal Abuse!

Saturday September 24th 2005
Regional Demo at Sequani Animal Testing Laboratories

Kicking off at 12noon outside Sequani labs in Ledbury.

Please bring banners, placards, noise making equipment, food & friends to help to make this yet another day to remember in the monumental battle to make the practice of animal vivisection history!

At the last regional demo at Sequani Limited that was held in April 2005, 50 protesters demonstrated outside the labs followed by a noisy march through Ledbury. The day continued with further actions in the nearby city of Worcester.

Let's see more numbers this time and truly give this hell hole the attention it deserves! Again, the regional demo will be followed by actions in and around Worcestershire.

Close down Sequani!

Getting to and finding Sequani:

April 2005 Regional demo report:

Stop Sequani Animal Testing Website:

Stop Sequani Animal Testing Email:

Join the SSAT email action alert list:

For the animals always! Thank you.
Stop Sequani Animal Testing (SSAT)

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why can't more movements be like animal rights?

15.09.2005 18:36

Well done guys for being almost the only effective protest movement in the UK. Your cause is just, and your victories hard earned! You know what it is like to face the rage of Blair, the extremism of his political response, and yet to survive, fight-on, and win.

Is there no chance to move your expertise into opposing Blair at an anti-war level or such-like? Once Britain, Europe and the US are moved into a war ecomony, concern about animal rights will dwindle, and all your progress will be reversed. Only a humane civilised world will sustain animal rights, and the world that Blair is rapidly creating is anything but humane! Surely short term victories count for nothing, if all is lost in the immediate future.