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Parliamentary Inquiry into Special Educational Needs - Deadline 3rd October

Trevor Clarke | 19.09.2005 22:48 | Education | Social Struggles | Birmingham | Cambridge | Liverpool | London | Sheffield | South Coast

The deadline for the Parliamentary Inquiry into Special Educational Needs is near – Monday 3rd October and has had no publicity to date. It is an ideal opportunity for anyone with an interest to have an input towards a report that will make an impact on policies that affect what is experienced, for the young person, the parent/carer, and the school.

Some of the areas of the inquiry are: Provision for SEN pupils in ‘mainstream’ schools - availability of resources and expertise; Provision for SEN pupils in Special Schools; The system of statements of need for SEN pupils; The role of parents in decisions about their children’s education.

Full details about the Parliamentary inquiry can be accessed through which also has other information related to special educational needs.

There is still a little time left to provide a contribution to a crucial and complex issue, that has a wide impact not just on education, but the community in general.

Trevor Clarke
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