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Riots in Lozells (Again)

finkofanalias | 24.10.2005 21:24 | Anti-racism | Birmingham

On Saturday and Sunday night groups of Asian (Pakistani Muslims) youths were rushing people on the streets of Lozells. Gangs of up to 40 were roaming the streets attacking Black people. Two people have been killed in rioting over a wide area.

Car burning on Villa Rd
Car burning on Villa Rd

Riots in Lozells (Again.

On Saturday and Sunday night groups of Asian (Pakistani Muslims) youths were rushing people on the streets of Lozells. Gangs of up to 40 were roaming the streets attacking Black people. A group of about 100 were involved in an incident on Lozells road. Two people have been killed in rioting over a wide area. It is believed that a pub on Rookery road was set on fire. Cars on Lozells road have had their windscreens smashed and some set on fire. A local representative of the black community Bini Brown said he and a friend were rushed by a group of twenty Asian youths armed with weapons.

The riots began after the meeting at George St Church on Saturday evening on Lozells Rd. A group of Asian youths began racially taunting black youths outside the church calling them niggers and slaves. The police came and stood between the groups and the youths carried on stoning each other. A group of up to 50 asian youths racially taunted and abused a group of 6 Black women on their way to the meeting on George St brandishing guns and threatening them. It has also been reported that Asian youths were attacking elderly black people in their churches.

This tension has been fermenting since 2 Black girls were allegedly raped in 2 Asian hair shops in the area a couple of weeks ago. On Wednesday 2 shops in the area were firebombed. Black youths have been bricking Asian cars driving on Heathfield Rd. Since the start of this incident several Asian shops have been closed down by local youths who are disgusted with the lack of response to this issue. The police have a heavy presence in the area and on Saturday night rushed the African Self Help Organization on Heathfield Rd.

On Saturday evening

Witnesses said the policing was heavy handed with police in full riot gear corralling people one witness said “I was coming out of 104 when I was confronted by armed police and forced back inside. As soon as I opened the door I was blinded by a torch and then saw a policeman pointing a laser sight at me” A serious lack of trust has developed in the community because of a lack of will to sort out this situation another eyewitness said “if this had been a White or an Asian girl that was raped heads would have rolled already” there are many rumors surrounding the situation including the police having been seen allowing armed Asian youths through police lines to attack people. Plain clothes police observing Black people getting beat up and not intervening. There are reports that two local gangs the Burger Bar crew and the Johnsons have called a truce in the wake of events

Why have the Asian (Pakistani Muslims) community responded violently to what was a peaceful demonstration by the African Caribbean community? This situation has a great deal to do with the hypocritical way the Asian community has been seen recently especially in a channel 4 Darcus Howe documentary “Who you calling a nigger” featuring Asian people racially discriminating against the local black population. The documentary highlighted the very negative attitudes of the Asian community to their Black neighbors.



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Gentle Isaiah Young-Sam

25.10.2005 00:23

News reports say the rioting started when rumours of pirate radio claiming a black girl had been raped by Asians. The police say a victim has not come forward. Rapists should be put in prison for life, but the riot seems to have started on rumours.

To "finkofanalias" the violence needs to stop, and you're trying to blame Asians/Muslims. You've claimed 2 separate rapes which none of the news reports have said. And how as an american do you know about the riots in Birmingham. I think you're trying to stir racial hatred between black and asian people.

The communities in Birmingham should work together.

INNOCENT ISAIAH YOUNG-SAM,,2-1841391,00.html
The Times October 25, 2005

Police investigate second killing as mother mourns for ‘diamond’ son
By Steve Bird
Isaiah Young-Sam was a gentle soul who would have walked away from trouble if he could

THE mother of a computer analyst who was stabbed to death in the Birmingham riots wept yesterday as she talked about her gentle and deeply religious son who, she believes, was singled out by his attackers because he was not streetwise.
Isaiah Young-Sam, 24, was jumped by a gang of up to 11 Asian men as he returned to his family home in the Lozells district of the city after going to the cinema.
The devout Christian, who was only 5ft 4in tall, was stabbed in the heart just 200 yards from his home.
Police said that he was an entirely “innocent victim” who was unwittingly caught up in the riots.
Cars were torched and shops looted in two days of rioting as young West Indians and Asians waged running battles throughout the Lozells area.
The riots were triggered after a rumour spread that an Afro-Caribbean girl had been gangraped by 19 Pakistani man.
Police were also investigating last night whether the shooting of a mixed-race 18-year-old man yesterday morning about a mile away was connected to the troubles.
Murna McLean, Mr Young-Sam’s mother, said her son’s that she had lost “the diamond in our family”.
She said he was dedicated to his career as an IT analyst with Birmingham City Council and read a chapter of the Bible every morning.
She said: “He had very good manners in a slightly old-fashioned way. He was gentle and would hold open a door or help someone with their shopping.
“He was a private person, deeply religious and reserved. He didn’t have the lifestyle of a typical black young man in Lozells. He wasn’t out on the streets or at parties — he didn’t even have a steady girlfriend.
“If someone had tried to drag him into an argument, he would have laughed and walked away.” Mrs McLean said that Isaiah had been promoted earlier this year and was taking on more responsibility after working for four years as an IT troubleshooter at the council’s Waterlinks House in Nechells.
She believes that he became an innocent victim because he simply wasn’t streetwise.
Mr Young-Sam, his older brother, Zephaniah, and two friends were returning home at around 7pm. They spotted a mob of Asian men breaking windows they hurried away from the gangs towards their home.
Minutes later, two cars pulled up and the men, believed to have been Asian, launched the attack on the black men.
Mr Young-Sam was stabbed in the chest. One of his friends needed surgery for stab wounds to his buttocks.
Benji Brown, a 22-year-old neighbour, said that he helped to get Mr Young-Sam into the back of a car to take him to hospital.
He said: “I was driving down the road and saw Isaiah lying on the ground. His brother Zephaniah was shouting for help.
“Isaiah was lifeless, he was caked in blood. It was pouring out of his heart where he was stabbed.
“He was a really nice guy. He was gentle and would never get involved with gangs or violence.”
“I just don’t understand why anybody would do this. He was very hardworking — I’d always see him in the morning wearing a shirt and tie.
“He was a very respectable member of the community.”
Mr Young-Sam, a former pupil of Dartmouth High School, Aston Manor and St George’s Primary in Newtown, had displayed considerable skill with computers from an early age.
Glyn Evans, the director of business solutions and IT at the council, said that his colleagues were devastated at their former trainee’s murder.
“He was a very popular and hard-working young man with a bright future ahead of him,” he said.
Mr Young-Sam was also a keep-fit fanatic and trained regularly at the gym at Newtown Community Centre near his home.
A large bunch of flowers was left propped up against a set of red gates in the road where he was attacked.
The message on the card read: “Rest in peace on the right-hand side of God. Missing you already.”

BBC News Monday, 24 October 2005
'Rivals started riot rape rumour'
Crowds gathered outside the beauty shop last week
The owner of a shop where a teenage girl was allegedly raped, sparking riots in Birmingham, says it was just a rumour to harm his business.
Ajaib Hussein, who owns the Beauty Queens salon in Perry Barr, told BBC Asian Network he believes the rumour was started by commercial rivals.
The rape allegation was broadcast on a pirate radio station, but police say no crime has been reported to them.
Two men have died since rioting flared in Lozells on Saturday evening.
Officers from West Midlands Police have conducted a forensic examination of the beauty salon.
I have lost my business, I have lost my respect with my family and friends
Ajaib Hussein
Mr Hussein told the BBC on Monday he plans to re-open his shop "as soon as possible".
He said: "Basically some business people tried to spoil my business and tried to misguide their own public and community against me.
"It has affected me badly. I have lost my business, I have lost my respect with my family and friends.
"My family and friends are stressed but it is stressful throughout our community not only family and friends - in the Asian and black community.
"It is all a business problem. I tried to do my best and I tried to sell my stuff very cheap and that's why the people cannot take it
"They are just playing politics and spoiling my business.
Fatal shooting
"The police interviewed us and let us go and they told my solicitor nothing happened like that in that kind of place (the salon)."
West Midlands Police said it is a matter for traders when they re-open their shops, although they began liaising with shops in Perry Barr and Lozells when the trouble started.
A spokesman said they had always treated the allegation as serious, but no victim has come forward.
During the violence on Saturday one man was stabbed to death by a gang of up to 11 men, after returning home from the cinema.
A second man was shot dead on Sunday in Newtown, near to the scene of further rioting.
Two men have been arrested over the shooting in the Newtown area, but police do not yet know if it is linked to the weekend violence.

Stop racism

Some comments

25.10.2005 03:44

Gang warfare is gang warfare is gang warfare- young working class males (mostly) of all kinds of ethnic backgrounds, encouraged to be sh*tty to each other for the REAL benefit of other forces.

Why do you think that schools have 'houses' or teams or uniforms. Ruthless identification with a set of arbitary values and/or symbols. JUST LIKE GANG WARFARE. Many of us have seen the theme explored in the film "If", but the message never seems to get through.

Of course, more recently, in the brilliant film "Hotel Rwanda", we see the results of an African Nation subject to the competing aims of two horrifically racist Christian European powers. Here, the citizens of a country are artificially divided into two 'tribes' based on the racist theories of those that sought to justify slavery with pseudo-science in the first half of the ninteenth century. Tribe A is given power, and tribe B the sh*tty end of the stick. Then, the two European powers (Belgium and France) play political tug of war via the two 'tribes' and a million people die in the must brutal savagery imaginable.

Are the recent events from Birmingham worthy of discussion here. Maybe, but expect a lot of phoney BNP posts to TROLL with carefully distracting semi-coded racist commentary, designed to have the same affect as a bright light with moths.

If Birmingham is a healthy place, recent events will see an increase in community actions designed to reduce tensions, and help the differing groups to feel an increased level of safety and security. You know, as humans, THAT is what we are good at- problem and solution. If this were not true, we'd still be in caves, not sitting in front of computers.

A horrible as a murder is (and the arson etc.,) we pay a far higher price in death and mayhem for the ability to move around quickly in steel cans. When some wish us to have a lack of proportion about certain events, we do have to question their motives very closely indeed.


Word up! Twilight

25.10.2005 10:14

All credit to twilight for this and other comments. You're one of the most reasoned, lucid
and convincing writers that Indymedia has had the benefit of. Keep up the great work!

Indy Reader

the bnp do stare up hate in birmingham

25.10.2005 11:47

And the bnp have been working for months to stare up hatred between different groups. Just like in Bradford and Bolton and Manchester and Leeds. And its working so well. Why should the masters of the universe fight with mere underpeople when they can stir up the differences and accentuate it all by phoney use of "political correctness" myths.

Just remember the next time you feel unable to insult someone for fear of being branded a rascist you're being fed a bnp myth: the lie that political correctness is a leftie conspiracie.

So, how many masked men with white nike shoes did you see in Lozells?

pete todd

do the right thing?

25.10.2005 13:23

from another BBC story:

The story started when a pirate radio station DJ aired allegations that a black teenage girl had been gang raped by Asian men in a beauty shop near to the Lozells area.

[my note: the story??? hey BBC get a grip: this is REAL people have been killed...]

Anger mounted and a public picket outside followed. By the weekend, with no victim having come forward, the mood was sufficiently heated for the police to try to start calming things down.

But by Saturday night, violence hit Lozells' streets as gangs took matters into their own hands. Young black men attacked Asian businesses; Asian youths attacked the black men; both gangs had a go at the police.

Who killed Isiah Young-Sam, a city council IT analyst returning home from the cinema, remains unclear as the police have not publicly confirmed the ethnicity of the mob behind the vicious stabbing.

After a second night of trouble saw more tension (and a fatal shooting that may or may not be related), the police swamped Lozells on Monday to stamp out the trouble.

Warren G, the DJ who aired the rape allegation, has kept quiet. The woman screening his calls told the BBC News website that he had only sought to do the right thing.

[note: this is not a direct quote taken from Warren G]

Ajaib Hussein, the owner of the beauty parlour at the centre of the allegation, has denied the claims and said his business is the victim of a plot by rivals.

"he had only sought to do the right thing. "

Now i find this quote a little strange

anyone seen the Spike Lee film
"Do the right thing" ???

it would appear that
Warren G, the DJ who aired the rape allegation
certainly did a 'do the right thing' in this case

in that he let his prejudices get
the better of him in a situation where
tensions were riding high...

this has me thinking of the Pirate Radio
stations in Rwanda
the seminal example of the use of media as a tool to instigate conflict.

RTLM and the propaganda it broadcast did not happen by accident. Rather, the founding of the station in 1992 by Hutu hard-liners closely associated with the government and its subsequent activities were “directly promoted by government authorities” as “the political and military elite established RTLM as part of this broader strategy to thwart the impact of internal reform.” [6] Further evidence of this strategy is found in the fact that prior to the genocide the government distributed free radios around the country in order to allow Rwandans to tune into RTLM [7], and that RTLM was “allowed to broadcast on the same frequencies as the national radio when Radio Rwanda [the national state-owned station] was not transmitting.” [8] Though officially private, RTLM “was essentially the tool of Hutu extremists from the government, military and business communities.”

of course to say that Radio broadcasts caused the violence
highlights media as a tool for PSYOPS
but brings up free speech issues
as well

The Birmingham riots might be just
a series of stupidities gathering pace
in an already tension filled area

so i would please urge all those in charge of
media outlets to use them wisely

divide & rule only serves those who would be your master

do not serve that agenda

find another peaceful way

please I beg you


A race to the bottom

25.10.2005 13:47

Blacks and whites refused to take the bait as long ago as the 'rivers of blood' sermon.

We realised that the state was the enemy, not the people, and rioting was aimed at police.

Asians and whites did not take the racial bait from BNP provocateurs in Bradford either.

As a last resort to ignite a race war, a 'rumour' has divided Asians and Blacks in Birmingham.

Do not rise to the occassion, but against it.

We have one common enemy, the Bastions of Society who have murdered, raped and pillaged from all our forefathers, be they African, Asian or Irish!

And still do.....

Rise Up!

an indicator of how deep this goes

25.10.2005 15:56

Why the Birmingham riots got out of control

Blacks angry over Asian rape claim in B’ham

Ligali incendiary?

“This story may not be true. The family have not complained.
Regardless of this, I think we should all boycott every single Asian business in the country. Because they’re covering stuff up.”

comment from

Birmingham Clashes: What the papers said… and didn't say

Rape, lies and auntie beeb

Innocent Isiah Young-Sam murdered by gang of Asians


'Movement for Africanisation'


when does a wish for economic autonomy

involve spreading rumours

or [if the rape actually happened]

helping create an atmosphere of fear & violence
which eventually blurs the
possibility of any JUSTICE

i smell cointellpro


i want to add

25.10.2005 21:05

i want to make it known that
it is important for all youth
to be aware of the power of media

and those who stand to gain
from an order which is orchestrated from
engineered chaos

also to be aware of those who seek
a false version of 'unity'

as a way to further an ulterior political agenda

if buttons have been pressed
then be aware that is known how to press them

just because someone is the same as you in some respects
it doesn't automatically follow
that they have your best interests at heart

in order to move forward in debate and communication
similarities and differences must be worked through,
noted, acknowledged, viewpoints accepted rather than

my thoughts are with you



South Asian Alliance's response to the alledged rape before the 'troubles'

26.10.2005 07:35

This statement was distributed by the South Asian Alliance at Saturday's demonstration.

South Asian Alliance condemns violence against women

The South Asian Alliance is shocked by reports that a young 14 year Jamaican girl was allegedly gang raped by Asian youths in the Perry Bar area. This unconfirmed attack and the subsequent rumours that are going round have led to shops being closed, police being drafted into the area and increased tensions between African Caribbean and Asian Youths.

The South Asian Alliance calls on all sections of our community, both Asian and African Caribbean to come together and stop the situation from escalating and getting out of hand. We need to work together to establish the facts, at the same time we call on our youths to remain calm and exercise restraint.

We reaffirm our solidarity with our African, Caribbean Sisters and Brothers and stand united with them, we need to establish the truth of what took place, and if the allegations are proven to be correct our sympathises go out to the victim and her family. We call on the authorities to remove any constraints and provide immediate reassurances that no action will be taken due to her alleged illegal status.

The South Asian Alliance unequivocally condemns any forms of violence against women across all communities. Any perpetrators of such crimes need to be punished and brought to justice.

posting on behalf of the South Asian Alliance
- Homepage:


27.10.2005 13:39

In response to Anthony Gordon's comment that Warren G had no part to play in the build of the recent riots in Handsworth I disagree.

This was a tactic used in Rwanda to wipe out up to 2 million Tutsies in Africa. Rival tribes were incensed by comments made on their radios and used as an excuse to kill their neighbours.

Fast foreward to 2005 and we have a popular DJ on pirate radio using their talkshow as a platform to spout anti Asin feelings among the black community. There was hardley any reference made to the actual individuals involved in the alledged rape but gave way to the already fragile, bitter and fearful relationships among some Black and Asian people.

No, Warren G had a a big part to play in these sad events. His comments but mainly others who phoned in were irresponsible and an incitement to racial hatred. There were no hard facts or evidenceof the alledged rape. It was boycott ALL asian buisness and ALL asian men seen as gang rapists.

I work with young people many of which from ethnic backgrounds. As I understand the afro carribean has by far received the biggest amount of public funding. If this is true young people who I work ith have a right to know how this money is being spent.

I agree though that that Asian communites do also have a role to play in building good relationships with other communities especially black communities. Too many years of shite New Labour has fragmented alot of Asian communities and becoming more insular.

I think it is downright rude to be speaking in another language in the presenece of other people who dont speak the asian language especially when one is a customer. It is also rude of the elder generation who speak English through their children or their extended family and dont bother to learn the language. Asian people should involve and employ more black people.

But I am sick to the back teeth of so called community leaders who keep apperaring my TV screen spouting their own self rightious comments. No wonder the youth are so pissed off. These so called leaders are so out of touch with young people and should be disposed of.

What worries me even more now are the new educational reforms where the schools will be effectively run by local buisness. These so called community leaders will have a say in how our schools are run.

Doesnt that thought make ppl shudder??


parasites and political opportunists

28.10.2005 14:51

talking of so-called community leaders, did anyone see 'Respect's' Salma Yaqoob being interviewed at the meeting on the television?

She was referred to as a 'local resident' when she infact comes from Kings Heath in South Birmingham!

Beware people this is gonna get very ugly - the parasites are already preying on this.


ligali blame French riots on Islam

05.11.2005 08:26

Me2We News

Week of riots follow the deaths of two African French youths

Thu 3 November 2005

There has been a week of violent clashes in Paris following the deaths of two young African boys thought to be running from police.

The clashes started last Thursday after Mauritania-born Traore Bouna, 15, and Zyed Benna, 17, of Tunisia died as they ran from a soccer game after they saw police enter the area. A third teenager Muttin Altun, 17, was badly burned after all three were accidentally electrocuted as they hid in an electricity sub station in the northeastern suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois.

Tensions were already growing in the area after Interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy declared "war without mercy" on violence in Paris suburbs. As a result he was pelted with stones and bottles while visiting suburb of Argenteuil.

Community tempers became flared after the Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy claimed on the following Friday that the youths were not being pursued by police when they were electrocuted. French authorities say that officers were investigating a suspected burglary and not chasing the boys whilst youths in the neighbourhood state that the police chased the boys to their death. Sarkozy, who has also been accused of inflaming the crisis with his tough talk and aggressive police tactics called those involved in the clashes "scum" and vowed to "clean out" troubled suburbs.

On the Saturday several hundred people took part in a peaceful silent march to honour the two dead teenagers and protest about police treatment. At the event Claude Dilain, mayor of Clichy-Sous-Bois said "Thanks to you, France will now respect us more than this morning, before this silent march".

But as the concerns of the deaths, police brutality and the dismal socio-economic conditions facing the 28,000 mainly North and West African residents was ignored by government, hundreds of mainly African French youths took to the streets again fighting with police, setting cars ablaze.

By Wednesday night at least 20 Paris-region towns were engulfed in the violent clashes. Jean-Francois Cordet, the top government official for the Seine-Saint-Denis region north of Paris said youths had fired four shots at riot police and firefighters but caused no injuries.

On Thursday morning traffic was halted on a suburban commuter line linking Paris to Charles de Gaulle airport after stone-throwing rioters attacked two trains overnight at the Le Blanc-Mesnil station. By night time amongst the buildings set ablaze were a primary school, a car dealership and a shopping centre. Several police officers and fire-fighters have been wounded.

On Sunday Oct 30 Six police were hurt in clashes outside Clichy as a police teargas grenade hit a mosque. Following this the families of the dead teenagers refused to meet Sarkozy, saying he is "very incompetent".

Ignoring the concerns of the African French

Ignoring the concerns of the African French community, the French Prime Minster Dominique de Villepin indirectly blamed the riots on gangs he claimed terrorized residents and sought to keep police out of their slums. He said "I refuse to accept that organized gangs are laying down the law in certain neighborhoods, I refuse to accept that crime networks and drug traffickers profit from this disorder, I refuse to accept that the strong intimidate the weak"

However, French anti-African groups have said they want to "stop the Islamization of France" and claimed that the problem stemmed from the "failure of a policy of massive and uncontrolled immigration" speaking of the mainly North and West African Muslims in the area.

In contrast Minister of Social Cohesion Jean-Louis Borloo said the government had to react "firmly" but added that France must also acknowledge its failure to deal with anger simmering in poor suburbs for over thirty years.

Michel Thooris from Action Police CFTC called for help from the army to support police officers and said "There's a civil war under way in Clichy-Sous-Bois at the moment …My colleagues neither have the equipment nor the practical nor theoretical training for street fighting." Joaquin Masanet from the UNSA-Police union, which represents the majority of riot police, disagreed. "We're not at war," he said. "The police are capable of restoring order if we are given the material and human means."

does this hint at a possible stirring of discontent in
the Black community of a
jealousy of Asian business acumen & achievement?

some coincidence???
26 October 2005, 18:07 GMT 19:07 UK
French anti terror laws were recently tabled:

France plans new anti-terror law

Nicolas Sarkozy has been impressed by London investigations

The French government has backed a draft anti-terror bill proposing more powers to track suspects.

The bill recommends increased use of video surveillance in stations and airports, and tougher sentences.

A BBC correspondent says Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has been keen to increase the powers available to the authorities since the London bombings.

French President Jacques Chirac supported the proposed bill saying that the country faced "a real threat".

But there has been some criticism from civil liberties groups who have questioned the measures' effectiveness.

Last month, Mr Sarkozy described the threat of a terrorist attack on Paris as "very high".

Telephone records

The BBC's Alasdair Sandford, in Paris, says Mr Sarkozy has been impressed by the success of closed-circuit footage in identifying the London suspects, and the new French measures provide for greater use of video surveillance in stations, airports and other public places.
Telephone operators would have to keep records for a year to help investigators' inquiries, and internet cafes would have to keep more detailed information.

The maximum prison sentence for associating with a terrorist organisation would be raised from 20 to 30 years.
The bill is due to be debated in the French parliament next month.


Civil rights group attacks tough new anti-terror law

Kim Willsher Thursday October 27, 2005 The Guardian - The French interior minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, was accused yesterday of attacking civil liberties after unveiling tough anti-terrorism laws that will increase video surveillance of the public, provide greater official access to phone and internet records and set longer jail terms.

The National Commission for Information and Liberty Clauses said there was a "serious risk to individuals' freedom" in the new law, which aims to pre-empt terror attacks by charging suspects with "intention" rather than definite action.

The bill will be put to the national assembly on November 22.,11882,1601446,00.html


race riots for days on end


UK anti terror laws debated:

race riots in Brum

then the BNP demo that Guido of Indymedia covered

and grave desecration in Brum too
by African Nationalist group no one has heard of

race hate mag publishers sentenced,,2-1857988,00.html


Was grave desecration work of far right?

4/11/2005 - AN UNHEARD OF group calling themselves the Black Nation has desecrated Muslim graves in Birmingham. There is speculation that the attack was not the work of African-Caribbeans.

One Birmingham source said he had never heard of the 'Black Nation' and that the incident had all the hall-marks of outsiders, possibly the far-right, trying to provoke further violence between African-Caribbean and Asian youths ahead of the weekend.

The far-right has a long history of grave desecration against Jews and Muslims. None of the African-Caribbean figures Blink has spoken to had heard of the 'Black Nation' raising the possibility it was the sort of stereotypical name a white racist might make up.

The source said: "This looks like the work of fascists, the sort who came from all parts of the country to stir things up in Oldham and Burnely. I feel they are coming here too. It's too obvious. The Black Nation? That's just the kind of name they'd choose to try and kick things off again."

Last week another spurious leaflet was in circulation bearing the name 'Islamic Jihad' and calling for Muslims to shed African-Caribbean blood. The leaflet used several Islamic phrases but Muslims leaders doubted whether it could have been produced by fellow Muslims.

They pointed to the fact that radical Islamic groups often have sizable African and African-Caribbean members including those in leadership positions within such organisations.

Earlier today news spread that dozens of Muslim grave stones have been smashed and pushed over in a cemetery in Handsworth in Birmingham. The desecration was discovered on Friday morning by relatives visiting the Muslim part of the cemetery.

Leaflets were also scattered with insults against Muslims, they were attributed to Black Nation. Last month riots involving Asian and black youths took place in nearby Lozells, sparked by a claim that a 14-year-old black girl had been raped.

West Midlands Police are at the scene collecting the leaflets and taking statements from those who found them. Between 35 and 45 grave stones had been desecrated, it was reported.

Perry Barr MP Khalid Mahmood was at the cemetery. He said: "These are disgraceful events, deliberately done to entice people. They are definitely trying to cause more problems particularly on this day when Muslim people are coming to pay their respects."

He called on Muslim people not to react to the vandalism. "We can't point the finger at a single community, individuals have done this but we are not sure who."



sorry i misred that ligali article...

05.11.2005 10:27

my mistake


up too early again!

but the coincidences still stand

add to those the aussie PMs use
of Terror threats to
get his anti - terror legislation through

the pattern is unmistakable


Response to finkofanalias view of lozells riots

16.11.2005 13:00

This articles seems to make little reference to the facts surrounding the events of the lozells "riots" and tends to be more of a vicious attack on the Asian community living there. The many of the comments made by the author do not correlate with anything that has been covered in manstream media, said by eye witnesses or any other credible sources. (E.g. Two girls being raped? Last ime i heard it was just the one, and we didn't even know if she existed.) There is little mention to the context on the "riots" and this version of events of the nights make Pakistani youths the only agressors.
Racial tensions have existed in Lozells for longer than i can remember and i am History teacher who has lived and worked in Lozells and Nechells for many years. Both the Asian community and the Black "community", (if there is such a thing) are to blame for these tensions.
As for Darcus Howe, he used to be a person i had a lot of respect for. That was until his "Documentary" was aired on Channel 4. The documentary is hardly representative of the both the asian and the black population and often makes some bizzare claims (E.g. Asian people have the highest number of heart attacks because they work to hard. What has this got to do with black-Asian tensions?) The documentary displays some fancy editing that doesn't at all gve the context in which comments were made, but instead presents them in such a way as to cause outrage. (E.g. Asian women telling the camera the ethnic economic hierachy. Why, in an ordinary situation would they do this? Maybe they were asked by the interviewer how they would rank them.) This documentary shouldn't be seen as anything more than an angry old black man's swipe at the Asian community.
If the writer of this article has anything to add, please do

Mo Ali
mail e-mail:
- Homepage: http://n/a

make believe

17.03.2007 03:55

i Have just read the article and cant seem to find the truth in it anywhere. i live in lozells so i of many people know what happened and whats written in the article is so full of bull.
oh and i like the way the writer has made the black community into angels and the muslim community in to pure evil. there was no reports what so ever of any women being abused whether it be black or asian oh and elderly people.
it was just a group of youngsters standing up to what they believed in.
and it was the black community who had started the violence causing shop keepers to abuse and forcing them to close 'OR ELSE'.
on my conclusion the black community started a war and the muslim community retaliated x10.